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    Oct 22 2023


    11:00 am - 12:00 pm

    ELC Wellness Program-Walking Meditation

    Join Elise in the Mediation Garden on the 4th Sunday of every month from 11 am to 12 pm for this relaxing meditation practice. Walking meditation is a ‘meditation in motion,’ great for beginners. It’s a practice that is all about being aware of our bodies as we move and being present. If our daily lives are about ‘going to’ or ‘coming from’ a walking meditation is simply about being here, happy to be alive! Attune to nature through our five senses in the embrace of ELC’s natural surroundings.<br />
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    Contact: Guest Services<br />
    Email: info@discoverelc.org<br />
    Phone: 17725895050<br />
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    More Info: https://elc.donorshops.com/walking-meditation<br />
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    Location:<br />
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    Environmental Learning Center<br />
    255 Live Oak Drive<br />
    Vero Beach FL 32963 United States

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