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    Mar 30 2024


    10:00 am - 2:00 pm

    Color Fort Pierce Beautiful – Honoring Edwin Binney

    The Fort Pierce Art Club invites the community to celebrate Edwin Binney and his family’s many contributions to Fort Pierce and St. Lucie County. Edwin Binney of Binney & Smith, is credited with giving land to the county, the Fort Pierce Port, the Coast Guard land, and land to the Sea Scouts (now occupied by Pelican Yacht Club).
    He saved the local St Lucie Bank from collapse during the Great Depression by transferring his daughter’s trust funds into St. Lucie Co. to stabilize the region. He was very generous to the community. He and his wife planted the trees that line Indrio Road themselves.
    The Fort Pierce Art Club, in 2023, submitted his name for inclusion into the Florida Hall of Fame. The club is grateful for the assistance of the State in helping us bring Edwin Binney back into the minds and hearts of its residents.
    CRAYOLA, Easton, PA is sending three representatives to Fort Pierce to see the town and county he loved so much.
    This is not a fundraiser. It is a celebration. The Fort Pierce Art Club is grateful to all those who wish to support this event by being a sponsor.
    Go to fortpierceartclub.org to learn more.
    Tiffany Bent
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