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    Apr 21 2024


    12:30 pm - 2:00 pm



    Chakra Workshop

    Welcome to the Chakra Sublimation Workshop, a transformative 90-minute journey guided by Agathe. In this immersive experience, participants will embark on an inner exploration of the Chakras, the subtle energy centers within the body, to achieve balance, alignment, and elevation of personal energy.

    Led by Agathe, a seasoned guide in spiritual practices, participants will delve deep into the realms of the Chakras, discovering their significance and potential for personal growth and transformation. Through a series of techniques and practices, participants will learn to refine and bring subtlety to their Chakras, ultimately sublimating their personal energy into an elevated vibrational frequency.

    The workshop encompasses a variety of modalities aimed at holistic alignment and rejuvenation. Participants will engage in Vocal Toning, a powerful technique for harmonizing and activating the Chakras through the vibration of sound. Through guided Chakra concentration exercises, participants will learn to focus their awareness on each energy center, fostering balance and vitality within.

    Physical practices and asanas will be incorporated to further support the alignment of the Chakras within the body. These exercises serve to enhance circulation, release tension, and promote overall well-being, creating a conducive environment for energy sublimation.

    As the workshop nears its conclusion, participants will be immersed in a Chakra-sequenced Sound Bath, a deeply relaxing and meditative experience designed to harmonize the subtle energies of the body. Bathed in the soothing sounds of crystal singing bowls, Tibetan bowls, Shruti box, and other instruments attuned to the frequencies of the Chakras, participants will journey inward, connecting with the universal energy that surrounds and permeates all existence.

    Agathe emphasizes that energy can be sublimated through both mechanical means, such as physical practices and vocal toning, as well as through heightened awareness, such as Chakra concentration and Chakra Sound Bath meditation. By engaging with these practices, participants will not only experience profound relaxation and rejuvenation but also gain valuable insights into their own inner workings and the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit.

    Join us for the Chakra Sublimation Workshop and embark on a journey of self-discovery, renewal, and alignment with the universal flow of energy.

    Time: 12:30-2PM

    Investment: $33

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