Discover Vero Beach’s Top Pumpkin Havens: Where to Find Your Perfect Pumpkin!

Fall is in the air, and with it comes the irresistible allure of pumpkin season in Vero Beach, Florida. Whether you’re on the hunt for the plumpest pumpkin to carve an eerie Jack-o’-lantern or seeking the sweetest one for that delightful pie, Vero Beach has got you covered. Dive into our specially curated list of the top 9 pumpkin havens in the area. We understand the magic behind a perfect pumpkin, and we’re here to guide you straight to it. So, let’s embark on this autumnal journey together and find that pumpkin that speaks directly to your heart.

In no particular order:

LaPorte Farms

Discover LaPorte Farms Petting Farm in Sebastian, Florida: More than just a farm, it’s a fall experience waiting for you! Established in 1994 by the passionate Laura LaPorte, this beautifully preserved five-acre haven invites you to pick out your perfect pumpkin amidst a backdrop of playful animals. Don’t miss our weekend treats, offering everything from hamburgers to onion rings. Located conveniently at 7700 129th Street, just off Roseland Road, we’re a blend of Sebastian’s rich heritage and inviting charm, with admission based on donations. Drop by, make memories, and let the spirit of fall embrace you.

Countryside Family Farms

Embrace the fall spirit at Countryside Farms! Our Farm Store is brimming with a stunning array of pumpkins and gourds. From vibrant Heirloom varieties in shades like Cinderella White and Pink Doll to the classic Fieldtrip Long Stem Pumpkins in both orange and white. Don’t forget our adorable Mini Pumpkins and small gourds perfect for decor, and for those looking to craft the ultimate Jack-O’-Lantern, our carving pumpkins are a must-see. And to add that extra autumn touch to your home, we’ve got Corn Stalks too. Dive into the season with us!

Schacht Groves

Pumpkins galore at our doorstep! 🎃 Swing by for a delightful range of festive pumpkins, from the timeless orange favorites to unique heirlooms, charming minis, and scrumptious pie pumpkins. Plus, explore our six diverse squash varieties that are not only perfect for seasonal décor but equally delicious for your dinner plate!

CW Willis Farms

Looking for the perfect pumpkin? Our pumpkin patch is now open and ready for visitors. Come on by and select from a range of sizes to find the ideal addition to your fall decor.

Asbury UMC Vero Beach

The variety of pumpkins in our patch this year, as showcased in this photo, is a beautiful reminder of our individuality. Just as every pumpkin has its unique charm, so do we all have distinct qualities that make us special. Remember, there’s always someone who appreciates and cherishes that uniqueness in you. Celebrate these differences by visiting our Pumpkin Harvest this October and picking out your special pumpkin.

Ye Ole Davis Family Farms

Freshly Harvested Organic Seminole Pumpkins! We’re letting them cure for a few weeks to enhance their rich flavor. Stay tuned; they’ll be available in the market shortly!

Join us for some fall fun at The Buggy Bunch Pumpkin Patch! This year The Patch will be open from October 20th-29th and will have pumpkins for sale, a corn pit, a kiddie corral, games, and much more every day! We will also hav exciting events including Opening Night, Vendor Fair, Storytime at The Patch, and Family Fun Days!

The Fresh Market

Discover Seasonal Delights at Fresh Market! Our selection of pumpkins has arrived, perfect for every autumn occasion. Whether you’re carving, decorating, or cooking, Fresh Market has the pumpkin to fit your needs. Visit us soon to embrace the essence of fall!


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