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Vero Vine Logo Coloring Contest


Vero Vine Logo Coloring Contest

Current Statistics

Submissions: 23    /     Votes: 804

Prize Sponsors

Wright Moments
A Photo Shoot
Wright Moments Photography
$200 Value
Nanny Solutions
A Membership
Nanny Solutions
$50 Value
Fun City
Free Day Passes
Fun City
$32 Value
Dede's Shoes, Handbags and Apparel
Gift Certificate
Dede's Shoes, Handbags and Apparel
$50 Value
Main Street Vero Beach
A Hibiscus Poster & City Scapes Drawing
Main Street Vero Beach
$40 Value
Gift Certificate
$25 Value
Deep 6 Watersports
Gift Certificate
Deep Six
$25 Value

Make Your Submission Below - Anyone Can Enter

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"VeroVine, Fun In The Sun"
by Doris Martinez
Votes: 5   |   Views: 2,105

Vero Vine
by Robin Gray
Votes: 12   |   Views: 2,086

Sea Life In Vero
by Ginger
Votes: 62   |   Views: 2,185

Palms Leaves
by Jasmin Laster
Votes: 45   |   Views: 2,193

by Jasmin Laster
Votes: 59   |   Views: 1,970

by Krystine Sherwood
Votes: 12   |   Views: 2,188

Mom With Markers
by Shelly
Votes: 25   |   Views: 2,165

We LOVE You Vero Vine
by Neddie
Votes: 9   |   Views: 2,506
Seahorse Lane Boutique

by Lillie (7)
Votes: 10   |   Views: 1,761

by Nathan (4)
Votes: 9   |   Views: 1,835

by Marlee Butler (6)
Votes: 13   |   Views: 1,867

by Stephanie G. (10)
Votes: 12   |   Views: 2,018

Literal V's
by Stephanie G. (10)
Votes: 10   |   Views: 1,899

by Valentina D. (9)
Votes: 10   |   Views: 2,099

It's A Baby
by Valentina D. (9)
Votes: 11   |   Views: 1,870

Singing Pirate
by Michael A. Evans
Votes: 12   |   Views: 2,157
San Gerardo Benedicto
Baci Trattoria

Polka Camo
by Meghan
Votes: 11   |   Views: 1,979

UK Blue Turtle
by Ava (7)
Votes: 13   |   Views: 1,898

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Click to Download Printable Logo
Download Printout

If you wish to make your own design the logos that will be accepted are in the following formats...

UPDATE: We have some submissions coming in and there is some confusion over the logo coloring contest. We have decided to allow any coloring entries, you may choose to use the Vero Vine logo or not. You do not have to scan your prints you may use a phone to take a photo to submit it yourself.

Multiple submissions allowed. Adults Allowed.


Submissions can be submitted at any time between Feb. 1st, 2015 and Feb. 28th, 2015. There will be 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes. The Vero Vine team chooses winner of the top 10 most "liked" photos. Likes must be received on the individual photo pages. Contest ends Feb. 28th, 2015 11:59pm. Prizes will be awarded on Mar. 2nd at 8pm. You may print the template here or make your own Vero Vine or VV design.

Photos will be judged in the following age groups...
- Under 5 years
- 6-12 Years
- 13-17 Years
- Adults

Scroll down below to view the submissions and click like on the ones that earn your vote.

Most creative photo submitted will receive a $25 gift certificate.

Be sure to subscribe.

To enter the contest please follow the steps below...

#1 - Submit any logo colored photo to the contest page below. Click browse or Choose file.

#2 - Write a caption. OPTIONAL

#3 - Share the contest and or your photo submission to your Facebook wall. IMPORTANT: Tag photo with #verovine #verobeach. Just type the text into the post.

The link will be emailed to you once your submission is approved.

#4 - Share your individual photo to your wall to earn more votes. The link will be emailed to you once your submission is approved. Once approved click the link in email of from the contest page to get your photos individual page. You can copy the link or use the share buttons on the page.

Contest logo print-outs can be picked up for Free from Postal Connections located 1275 US1 Suite #2, Vero Beach, FL 32960. Your entries may also be taken to Postal Connections to be scanned Free and they will email the entry to Vero Vine for submission for you.

* If you do not get the email within 24 hours please check your spam folder.

If you are having troubles email and we will send you the link for your photo to make it easier for you to share.

Submit Your Entry

Submission is now closed.


The prizes have not been finalized at this time. An announcement will be made once they are finalized. A $25 dollar gift certificate to Chive will be awarded for the most creative photo.

A Photo Shoot with a The Wright Moments Photography, $200 value. A Membership to Nanny Solutions, $50 value. Free Day Passes to Fun City. $32 Value. A Hibiscus Poster and a City Scapes Drawing of Vero Beach from Main Street Vero Beach. $40 value. A $50 Gift Certificate to Dede's Shoes, Handbags and Apparel. A $25 Gift Certificate to Chive.

Each contest winner will have the chance to go on the radio 107.9 FM / 1370 AM morning show with Angelo and Brenda to promote their place of work or business.

A single contestant will not be awarded mutiple prize places. An alternate winner will be selected.


Votes are counted per entry per IP address for the duration of the contest.


Submission deadline is Saturday 28th of February 2015 11:59:59 PM EST

Keep it clean please. Multiple submissions allowed.

All you have to do is complete your submission described above and you will be entered to win.

Only one submission required for entry. No duplicates. They will be deleted. Submissions of common images found online will also be deleted. We are looking for unique photos.

You may choose to be in the photo and have fun with the contest. We like creativity. Most creative or fun photos will be posted to the main Vero Vine Facebook page. You are not required to be in the photo.

You must live in the Treasure Coast to recveived mailed prizes. Prize certificates will be mailed to Martin, Indian River and St. Lucie counties only.

Disclaimer: This is a voting contest. Winner is selected by Vero Vine staff from top 10 voted submissions. Any flaming, negative commenting or foul language will be cause for immediate disqualification and banning from the Vero Vine Facebook page and web site community. This is a family and child oriented community folks lets please keep it clean. Vero Vine reserves the right to disqualify any submission for any reason. Your contest submission is an agreement to these terms. Vero Vine reserves the right to use any photos submitted for any reason including and not limited to print, web, video and television broadcast. Vero Vine and or it's sponsors cannot be held liable, will not be sued for any reason. This contest is for amusement purposes only. These rules and terms of this contest are subject to change at any time.


Your email address will not be shared with sponsors. Click for more on our privacy policy.

Top Contest Sponsors

Wright Moments
Wright Moments Photography
Nanny Solutions
Nanny Solutions
Fun City
Fun City
Postal Connections
Postal Connections
Angelo & Brenda LIVE
Angelo & Brenda LIVE
Dede's Shoes, Handbags and Apparel
Dede's Shoes, Handbags and Apparel
Deep 6 Watersports
Deep Six Dive & Watersports
Main Street Vero Beach
Mainstreet Vero Beach