Cole Pfautz

He’s a man who loves nature and all things that support the eco-system. So much so, that he’s chosen a career that he can not only profit from, but also use as tool to educate others and aid the environment.

Pittsburgh-native Cole Pfautz is Powur’s Solar Sales Manager for the State of Florida – a position that he embraces to the fullest in an industry he loves.

“I feel like I bring a passion for helping people and unmatchable customer service,” Pfautz emphasized. “I’ve been complimented so many times on those two things – however, those two compliments and an occasional ‘You’re going to change the world,’ still make my heart flutter every single time. Makes me absolutely speechless.” 

Like so many others in the Vero Beach community, Pfautz believes in supporting local business, and helping those who help him and vice versa. Customer service is his passion, and he gets joy out of making a client’s solar vision and sustainable living come to life.

“The difference between the competition and myself, is me,” Cole said with confidence. “Not only do I walk my customers through the beginning process of getting solar, but I help them through the installation process as well. If there’s any concerns, I get those handled with my company right away. When I say I’m going to do something for my customers, I do it at that second and text or call back immediately. I also offer a unique six-month program that I won’t mention in detail for the sake of other solar vendors finding out, but I encourage folks to contact me to find out more.”

Pfautz has always worked in the sales arena and has focused on marketing in college courses and through streamlined training. Single with no children, he has taken life on in a variety of ways – as a 20-something young professional, he launched into adulthood focusing on being successful. He’s even written a book titled ‘Unconscious Unlocked.’

“It’s essentially like neurolinguistic programming on steroids,” Pfautz explained. “What it does is uses someone’s most empowering experience to associate that to a trait you want to have and rewires the unconscious and conscious minds.” Pfautz said he worked with a number of psychologists and neuropsychologists to write it.

Though he stays busy with work, marketing training, family, and friends, Pfautz makes time for himself to relax and unwind. He’s not afraid to try new things, go in new directions, or influence newcomers in the community. Whether he’s kayaking, working out, cooking, dancing, or selling solar, he’s always doing something that appreciates and accentuates the environment. Especially here in Vero Beach, where the beaches and parks are some of his favorite outdoor places to embrace and enjoy.

“Our city has done a great job at preserving our beaches, our parks, our natural resources,” Pfautz said. “We are blessed to live in a coastal community where officials and locals both value the nature that surrounds us.”

His stepfather, Dr. Lee R. Legler, is a huge influence in his life. A successful Vero Beach orthodontist, Legler has been Cole’s stepfather for 15 years.  It’s because of his stepfather’s endeavors as a professional, as a stable and loving husband to Cole’s mom, and his general male role model likability that Cole looks up to him.

“He’s so supportive,” Cole said. “He’s really taken me under his wing when most stepdads would say, ‘Oh, you’re just my stepson.’ It’s taken me some time, but I call him ‘Dad’ now.”

In his fifth year of sobriety, Pfautz embraces every day of living, the world that he is grateful to be apart of, and the journey that he has chosen as a profession, to better help the environment for the future ahead.

“There’s so much in this world that is overlooked and underappreciated,” Pfautz said. “We have all this beautiful nature in front of us, and we take it for granted. The beauty of solar is that it’s natural. I want to be a part of a future that gears toward progressive eco-friendly solutions. The possibilities are endless.”

To learn more about solar or to see if you would be a perfect candidate, visit Cole’s Facebook page at or contact him at (772) 643-1215.

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