Checking in with Stacy Cook: The Innovative Force Behind Vero Vine and His Latest Ventures

CEO of Vero Beach Marketing, Starling and Community Manager of Vero Vine, Stacy Cook.

In the bustling heart of Vero Beach, a dynamic personality stands out for his innovative contributions to the digital world and the community. This man is Stacy Cook, the creative mastermind behind Vero Vine, and a visionary in the realms of digital marketing and community engagement. Let’s take a closer look at what Stacy has been passionately working on lately.

At the helm of Vero Beach Marketing, Stacy continues to lead with an unrivaled dedication to digital excellence. His strategic vision has not only elevated the stature of local businesses but also significantly contributed to positioning Vero Beach as a digital innovation center. His expert guidance and creative approach have resulted in the company consistently surpassing its high standards in digital strategy and customer success.

Did you know? Beyond his digital wizardry, Stacy Cook also owns Frick and Frack Farms, a lively haven home to donkeys, chickens, and geese. At the Cooks’ residence, every day is an adventure filled with the unexpected joys and challenges of farm life. With such a diverse and spirited bunch, there’s never a boring day at the Cook household!

Stacy’s involvement in Vero Vine and Vero Beach Foodie has transformed these platforms into vital arteries of the Indian River County community. More than just hubs for information and connectivity, they represent Stacy’s enduring commitment to celebrating and supporting local stories, businesses, and events. This passion for bringing people together has fostered a sense of unity and pride within our community.

Leaping into the global digital marketing arena, Stacy’s role as a Co-author and Community Manager of the Optimizer Handbook has marked a significant milestone in his career. This comprehensive guide on Google Ads management is not just a resource; it’s a reflection of Stacy’s ambition to empower businesses across the globe. His expertise is now helping countless users navigate the complexities of Google Ads, providing them with tools and knowledge to excel.

As the CEO of Starling Support, Stacy is redefining the landscape of digital advertising support. His forward-thinking strategies aim to transform the approach to Google Ads, ensuring businesses of all sizes have access to top-notch resources and support. Initiatives like offering the first support ticket free of charge are a testament to Stacy’s commitment to making premium digital advertising support accessible and user-friendly.

Stacy’s intellectual journey remains a cornerstone of his professional evolution. His diverse reading, encompassing everything from George Orwell’s deep narratives to Malcolm Gladwell’s insightful analyses, continues to influence his empathetic and strategic approach to both business and community building.

The authenticity and engagement that Stacy has fostered through the social media presence of Vero Vine and Vero Beach Foodie serve as exemplary models in the digital marketing world. His focus on genuine connections and creating real community value has not only built a following but has nurtured a community that actively participates and contributes.

Balancing his professional achievements, Stacy’s role as a family man is equally central to his life. His dedication to his children is a testament to his belief in the importance of nurturing a future grounded in community values and innovative thinking. Stacy’s journey is not just about building a digital marketing legacy; it’s about shaping a future for his children that is rich in opportunity and community spirit.

As we look ahead, Stacy Cook’s journey in Vero Beach continues to be a beacon of innovation and community spirit. His ongoing projects like the Optimizer Handbook and his leadership at Starling Support are setting new benchmarks in the digital world. His impact stretches beyond professional achievements, deeply entwined with the fabric of our community.

Keep an eye on Stacy Cook’s inspiring journey. As he continues to explore new frontiers in digital marketing and community engagement, his story is not just about making a mark in Vero Beach but about shaping its future, one innovative step at a time.

Stacy Cook can be reached at (772) 233-6869 or by email at

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