79 Year Old Retired Bus Driver Receives Lifeguard Award

Gloria Shipley, a 79 year old retired bus driver from Pennsylvania who moved to Indian River County in 2016 has been supplying the City of Vero Beach lifeguards stationed at Humiston Park with protein bars and other healthy snacks since 2017.  

“How often does someone say thank you to our first responders on the beach?  I cannot image being responsible for the safety of thousands of people each day and staying alert for so many hours.  I see them training on the beach and the physical conditioning it takes to act on a moment’s notice.  It’s the least I can do to thank them.”

The Vero Beach Lifeguard Association’s Keeper of the Coin Award is presented to an individual who has shown a commitment to beach safety and has gone above and beyond in it’s pursuit.

The coin is from the wrecked Spanish Fleet of 1715.  The awardee is the steward of the coin until the next recipient is chosen.    

The Vero Beach Lifeguard Association would like to thank Ms. Shipley for her years of support for our local lifeguards.  

If you would like to nominate someone for the Keeper of the Coin Award, please contact the VBLA at vbla.org or email us at VeroBeachLA@yahoo.com

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