6th Avenue Jewelers: Same Name, New Location

6th Avenue Jewelers new location is at 2040 Treasure Coast Plaza in Vero Beach.

They may not quite be located on 6th Avenue anymore, however their quality service, selection, and dedication remains the same.

“We’re known for our customer service,” Legg noted. “People from all walks of life come in here and they all get treated just the same.”

Mike Legg and his fiancee, Alexandria.

Not only is it the same, but it will only get better from here, according to Michael Legg, Jeweler and Owner of the small-town jewelry store, which opened five years ago. Treasure Coast Plaza is now home to 6th Avenue Jewelers, and the new location in the high traffic plaza expects more exposure, and therefore, more customers. And, it’s only walking distance away from their original location, separated by a small alleyway, Legg said.

Legg said he has seen many new faces in the store since the move just over a month ago.

6th Avenue Jewelers display cases offer a wide variety of beautiful jewelry selections.

“My whole point for moving to the new location was for visibility and I think it was accomplished,” he said. “Thus far, business has been good and I am very thankful for that.”

One of the attractions of their original location was the open-repair style jewelry workshop in the store’s showroom, where customers could watch as their valuables were repaired and tended to. Customers appreciated that transparency and the ability to witness a jeweler in action.

“At my new store, I still have an open repair shop concept,” Legg explained. “But now with the larger location, that repair area has it’s own section and is no longer within the showroom. Our customers still have full view of our repairs services. We even have a separate watch service and repair room.”

One of Legg’s beliefs is that “a jewelry business is built off of trust and transparency with the clientele, and we do all that we can to earn that.”

Legg has a total of five employees including himself and fiancee, Alexandria. He has been in the jewelry business for over a decade now, and is known for his custom pieces designed for clients, such as custom-designed engagement rings and recreations of customer’s heirlooms into new pieces.

Some of the watches on display at 6th Avenue Jewelers.

“The process is easier and more affordable than most may think,” he pointed out. “Pretty much anything that can be imagined can be made using all of today’s technologies.”

The new location of 6th Avenue Jewelers will have a an open-house style grand opening on Dec. 7, according to Legg. Hors d’oeuvres and cocktails will be served at the event.

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