5 Tips to Help You Dye Easter Eggs this Year

Dying Easter eggs can be a messy, stressful craft to do with kids. Use these tips to make dying eggs a breeze this year.

#1: When coloring eggs with toddlers, or kids in general, try placing the hard-boiled egg in a whisk and then dipping into the desired colors. It helps keep the hard to wash off dye of those tiny fingers.

#2: Use heavy dishes or containers rather than plastic to avoid spilling.

#3:  Try leaving your eggs in the dye longer than you are used to to get really brightly colored eggs… but you must be patient!

#4: For the marble color effect use shaving cream and food coloring. Then roll your egg around making sure to coat it completely. Let it sit and dry for 5-10 minutes before wiping off the excess shaving cream. You will reveal a one of a kind colorful gem every one will envy.

#5: White or Brown eggs? Dye both! You’ll achieve different results using brown eggs compared to white eggs. This is a fun way to show your little ones how the same dye color can produce different shades. The results will be both bright and more natural looking colors.

Nikki Kalin
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