Vero Vine’s Top 9 Halloween Events for Adults

Prepare to be bewitched this Halloween season! The ghouls and ghosts may be make-believe, but the spine-chilling fun awaiting you in Vero Beach is all too real. This is not child’s play—this is Halloween for the grown-ups. Creep through mysterious bar crawls under the haunting moonlight, or gyrate to spine-tingling beats at exclusive dance events. Our Top 9 list of Halloween events for adults in Vero Beach promises a bewitching experience that’s guaranteed to raise your spirits—and maybe even raise a few hairs. Dare to read on?

In no particular order:

Grind+Grape Presents:
East Harbor Halloween ’23
10/28 AND 10/31
10:00 PM
Don’t miss out!

Join us for a giant party this Halloween @ Indian River Distillery!
We’ve got live music with Grandpa’s Cough Medicine; This Bluegrass Trio is bad ass and you won’t be able to sit still!

🧟‍♀️🧟‍♂️🎃 We are SO thrilled to be part of this year’s Halloween Bar Crawl!! Throw on your best costume, and we will see you on Friday 10/27 from 7 to 11 pm!

Join us dressed in your Halloween best for our 3rd annual Beachside Bar Crawl!

Each location will have their spooky decorations up and the staff will surprise you with their costumes.

Oh The horror at Grind and Grape!!

Fish Fry, cigars, socializing, games, giveaways and Live DJ by Island Smoke.
Wear your pick and black or either one. We will have shirts for purchase soon.

Join us on Tuesday, October 31st for a very special edition of Motown Tuesday as we welcome the spooktacular music stylings of Curtis “Mr. Motown” Hill!

Join us for our Halloween Party!! Come dressed for the event ….or not. There will be a costume contest… 50/50 and great dancing music!

Mark your calendars! Our Annual Halloween party is here and it’s the perfect place to people-watch and wear your festive costumes.

Join us Saturday, OCTOBER 28th for the wildly popular and always thrilling CAPT HIRAMS RESORT – HALLOWEEN BASH! Our 2023 theme is The Haunted Hotel”. 


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