Vero Vine Top 9 Pamper Me Places in Vero Beach by City Council Elect Brooke Steinkamp

This article is a reminder of how important it is to pamper yourself every once in a while. Research has shown that pampering yourself can help with depression, stress, and anxiety. It is provided by a member of our community who is running for city council and aims to make a “positive change in your community.” This is something, as you well know, Vero Vine takes very seriously. This top nine article is NEW and covers a topic we haven’t covered before… Indulging in yourself.

We all love to pamper ourselves. That said, I’m a little odd in this sense because I have a bunch of kids and time is valuable. I’m also terrible at sitting still for too long. You won’t find nail salons on this list, I hate getting manicures. I know, it’s weird. Don’t judge my unpolished nails, manicures to me feel like I’m scraping my nails on a chalkboard so I avoid them like the plague. And in my opinion, pedicures are just basic hygiene so you won’t find a spot for those on this list either. So what do I do to pamper myself? I’ll be honest, I spend a lot of money on aesthetics. I put a little money aside every month and I spend it at my all-time favorite place for self-care, ME Aesthetics. But there are a few, some unconventional, places where this pampering minimalist likes to relax.

In no particular order:

ME Aesthetics

When it comes to aesthetics, I highly recommend you choose your provider carefully. Having worked in the industry I can tell you firsthand that “fake it til you make it” has no place in aesthetics, no matter the title of your provider. You’ll want an experienced provider who is an expert in the services they are providing. For me, that person is Sarah Rothman at ME Aesthetics. Not only is she a beautiful soul but she’s extremely talented in her field. You can choose between a private session at her home studio or host a party for yourself and friends and Sarah will bring her beauty bus to you! Yes, you read that right, she will bring her studio to you! Either way, you will be treated like a queen and given the attention and professionalism you deserve. ME Aesthetics offers several treatments for all of your beauty and anti-aging needs including, botox, filler, laser treatments, radio frequency micro needling and so much more. 

“ME Aesthetics offers a variety of services to help you age gracefully” 

Um, yes, please!

Instagram: @meaesthetics_vero 

Facebook: ME Aesthetics

Emboss Studios

OK, as a wife and a mother of 4 boys I couldn’t choose just one so you get a twofer! 

I get my hair done by Sam, the owner of Emboss Studios. The atmosphere at Emboss is so chic and they have a boutique in their studio! Everyone is super sweet and I always feel comfortable here. Due to hard water and genes, I’m one of the lucky ones who pulls red or brassy and Sam always has a quick fix for the brassiness in between visits and/or a long-term option to brighten my hair. She keeps my hair healthy and my blonde bright. Sitting in a salon for 2-3 hours isn’t exactly fun but Sam and her staff are so accommodating and personable, it feels like a visit with friends and I get a little retail therapy too! 

Instagram: @embossstudios

Facebook: Emboss Studios

Joey’s Downtown Dapper

My boys love to get their cuts at Joey’s Downtown Dapper. Full disclosure: I know absolutely nothing about men’s cuts but I do know that Joey’s gets rave google reviews and my boys LOVE it there. The atmosphere is hip (am I too old to use that word? Probably. Oh well, I said what I said.) and every time our super picky 13-year-old gets his haircut at Joey’s he is extremely happy with the end result. The boys have had every cut from a design fade haircut to a mullet and the barbers at Joey’s Downtown Dapper have always delivered! Located downtown (obviously) on 14th Ave, check them out!

“Traditional barbering, in a classic barbershop with a trendy spin. Welcoming to men and women of all”

Instagram: @joeysdowntowndapper 

Coast Boutique

I have a love of all things beachy boho and Jackie has nailed this vibe at her downtown boutique. At Coast, you can find sustainable, beach brands like Jen’s Pirate Booty and Spell Designs among many other equally eye-catching and environmentally friendly name brands. Walking into this boutique there’s no doubt you’re in a coastal town by the beach and Jackie has all of your beach attire needs covered. We recently bought a homecoming dress for our daughter there and the whole experience was super easy and fun. It feels more like shopping with a personal stylist than anything else. Jackie guided my daughter into her dream dress (I mean, not every daughter wants to listen to her mom’s fashion advice) and she had the best time! I picked up a few things for myself and my husband as well. Yes, she has men’s clothing! Don’t miss the sale rack for some great deals on fabulous brands!

Instagram: @shop.coastboutique

Facebook: Coast Boutique

Massage and Facial Works

Fun fact: I have a background in clinical massage. Not the same as your typical Swedish or spa massage. I have a different standard for massage therapy and I have never been disappointed at Massage and Facial Works. Deep tissue is my go-to because it’s closer to my area of expertise and these therapists deliver. Linda the owner is an esthetician and I’ve had several facials with her as well. She throws in a foot massage that is absolute heaven. You definitely feel pampered here and you’re definitely getting your money’s worth. Located near Miracle Mile at 6th AVE and 21st ST. 

Facebook: Massage and Facial Works

Spark of Divine

Ok, maybe not an obvious choice but hear me out. Just go and stand in the shop, see how you feel when you leave. When I first learned of Spark of Divine I thought it was just a store to buy crystals and sage. NOPE! They offer a multitude of services including holistic healing and psychic readings. I’ve attended a psychic fair, had a reading, and got a massage. Everyone is so welcoming and inviting. If readings are not your thing, that’s ok, try a reiki session or yoga class. As I said, I find it incredibly soothing to simply stand in the store surrounded by crystals. Inevitably, I find one or two rocks that call to me and beg to be taken home but just being there brings me a sense of peace and calming so I’ve given Spark of Divine a spot on my top nine places to pamper myself. Truly a special place run by kind souls who aim to help and heal in any way they can.    

“Alternative and Holistic Health Services. Crystals, metaphysical, Energy Healing, Yoga, Spirituality, Shamanism, Reiki, Psychics, tarot, divine”

Instagram: @sparkofdivinevero 

Facebook: Spark of Divine, LLC

Level Yoga

So, I don’t particularly enjoy working out anymore. Maybe it’s because I’m getting older or maybe life has gotten too busy. Either way, you will rarely find me at the gym. I prefer to get my workouts in naturally through fun adventures. When I am feeling adventurous with nowhere to go I head over to Level Yoga. Yoga allows me to clear my mind and breathe through whatever is troubling me. It’s like hitting the reset button. It helps that I can be in charge of the intensity of my practice. They offer class passes and drop-in rates for all levels but because I am the absolute worst at sticking to a workout schedule and prefer more of an experience, I am particularly fond of the special classes they offer like full moon yoga, and a rooftop yoga class under the full moon. There is nothing more relaxing than a moonlight yoga session! Whatever your workout schedule or preference is, Level Yoga has something to offer everyone. Ok, I realize it’s become a theme here in my “pamper me” article but, um, Level has a great boutique as well. What? Retail therapy is self-care too! They have two locations, one in Royal Palm Pointe and one on Cardinal Drive. 

Instagram: @levelyoga

Facebook: Level Yoga

Della Terra

Alicia is a holistic esthetician and herbalist. Clean beauty fanatics, run, don’t walk, to Della Terra. Located in a studio inside Alicia’s home, the setting is super comfortable and quiet. Alicia mixes up natural serums like potions and they’re wonderful! If you read my top nine places to dine for celiacs then you know I suffer from the skin form of celiac disease. My skin is extremely sensitive and I’m super cautious of what I put on it. Della Terra offers classes and events as well so be sure to check those out. Alicia gives the most relaxing, gentle, and soothing facial ever. She’s just an awesome person in general so it makes it super easy to include Della Terra in my top nine places to get pampered! Book via email.

Instagram: @della.terra.holistic

Glitter Glam Studios

Listen, I firmly believe everyone should try the pinup thing at least once! I’ve secretly wanted to experience this cult trend since attending a pinup contest a few years ago. But, here’s the thing, I’m super uncomfortable in front of the camera. So, when I needed some headshots done, I enlisted my friend Tamara aka The Parisian Hostess aka Glitter Glam Studios. Not your typical glamor shots, pinups are timeless, elegant, and super sexy. Who wouldn’t want to partake!? I have resolved to live a little, step out of my comfort zone and pamper myself with a fun photoshoot by Glitter Glam Studios. Stay tuned for more on that!

Instagram: @glitterglam_studios

Facebook: Glitter Glam Studios

The Beach

…and pretty much any local business nearby. Ocean Drive is full of locally owned businesses. Take a stroll, grab lunch, get a treat, head to the beach, throw down a blanket and relax. The husband and I don’t get too many solo trips to the beach but when we do I consider it a pampering sesh for sure. Any of the beaches will do but if we really wanna step it up, we’ll hit Costa for lunch and maybe rent a spot on the beach. Costa makes a great espresso martini (decaf for me please) and the food… OMG. Plenty of gluten-free options and I’ve never had anything I didn’t like. A beach day is about as good as it gets when it comes to pampering. And it’s FREE if you skip the cabana rental and drinks. As Floridians living in a coastal town, we know too well how easy it is to take the beach for granted. No matter what your pampering preferences are, Vero Beach has plenty of options and it’s easy to include locally-owned businesses! Nothing makes me feel better than pampering myself while supporting others. 

Vero Vine Top 9 Pamper Me Places in Vero Beach by City Council Elect Brooke Steinkamp
Vero Vine Top 9 Pamper Me Places in Vero Beach by City Council Elect Brooke Steinkamp
Vero Vine Top 9 Pamper Me Places in Vero Beach by City Council Elect Brooke Steinkamp
Vero Vine Top 9 Pamper Me Places in Vero Beach by City Council Elect Brooke Steinkamp
Vero Vine Top 9 Pamper Me Places in Vero Beach by City Council Elect Brooke Steinkamp
Vero Vine Top 9 Pamper Me Places in Vero Beach by City Council Elect Brooke Steinkamp
Vero Vine Top 9 Pamper Me Places in Vero Beach by City Council Elect Brooke Steinkamp
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