Vero Verse One Way Street

Spare me the tickertape in your head
There are many topics best left unsaid

Repetition truly falls flat
Like reporting every antic of your cat
Endless grandkids yarns, you find appealing
Causes me to think of the time you’re stealing

Even the hard luck stories I hear
With little variation from year to year
Nothing seems to be resolved
These topics wreak of self-involved
When conversations only circle back
And conversing is a one-way track
It turns out to be blatantly plain
Spending time together is hard to maintain

The best way to devolve self-absorbed conduct
Is to think about ways you can obstruct
The inclination to begin your narratives
With rotating self-absorbed imperatives

Before your lack of interest in them
Distances them from being a friend

Try this suggestion
Ask them a question

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Nancilee Wydra
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