Vero Verse Beetles and Beatles

Beetles and Beatles

Female beetles lay about 40 eggs a day
I bet they don’t have time for any sport or play
Mating males when finished with a fling
Never lift a wing to rear their own offspring

Only half an inch long they’re key to health on terra firma
Breaking down organic matter from the Amazon to Burma

Another meaning for this word with an entirely different slant
Is a band not resembling an insect looking like an ant

Why this band was sort of named after beetle but with a different spelling
By adoring Buddy Holly’s Crickets, they found bug names most


Onward to popularity and prosperity with meteoric rise
A product of the sixties they usually worked while high

You might wonder why compare bugs to these famous dudes
It might seem as unfathomable as completing rubric cubes
The answer is the band and the bug’s title are auditorily indivisible
And besides any subject for a rhyme is without a doubt permissible

When you speak these 2 words it is paramount

That your listener our listened takes into account


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