Vero Verse Air Travel

Airplane travel used to be fun
Dressing up was requisite for everyone

No going through security as they searched for contraband
If the scanner didn’t find it, you’d be examined by hand
Up and down aisles, stewardess with hats
Pranced around like a band of diplomats
Serving trays of palatable food
And all sorts of drinks to enhance your mood
Resting your head on a pillow
While a seatmate smoked a cigarillo
It must have caused a bit of frustration
Because there was no in-flight entertainment
Reading, reclined or closing your lids
Or listening to a seatmate gab about kids
After deplaning no trudging for miles to find
Which carousel your bags were assigned

Porters unloaded suitcases outside where you could meet
Loved ones who picked you up on the street
Today from beginning to end
You feel like a pig cramped in a pen
Long lines waiting to see if a weapon you’ve hidden
Patting down eighty-year-olds, you think I am kiddin?
Desperately wishing your current suitcase
Will fit into the plane’s overhead space
The good news is that now there are jets
You get there faster, and you can journey with pets
If I had to choose between the past or the present
It’s clear as a bell the past was more pleasant

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