Vero Beach Lifestyle Photo Contest Winners 2021

Indian River Sailing

by Bonnie Owings
Votes: 43   |   Views: 74

1st Place

Value: $237

River King Cruise: Four (4) River King Cruise Tickets, valued at: $128. Riverside Theatre Comedy Zone: Four Tickets to any Comedy Show, valued at: $64. Chelsea’s Gourmet: 1 Gift Certificate, valued at: $25. The Parisian Hostess: 1 $20 Gift Certificate, valued at: $20.

Twin Vero Beach Lovers!

by Diane Henninger
Votes: 34   |   Views: 57

2nd Place

Value: $160

Golden Truth Coaching: Your professional accountability partner, listening ear & own personal cheerleader. Whatever your challenge, YOU CAN accomplish it by allowing the Truth to set you free., valued at: $85. Pink Pelican Florist: 1 Custom Bouquet of Flowers Delivered, valued at: $75.

Sea Oats & Sunrise

by J.R. Williams
Votes: 32   |   Views: 54

3rd Place

Value: $72

Eminence Hair Design: 1 Gift Certificate for a Mens or Womens Haircut (Sebastian), valued at: $57. The Buggy Bunch: One (1) Buggy Bunch Discount Cards, valued at: $15.

Clear Sailing

by Lee Ingardi
Votes: 24   |   Views: 33

4th Place

Value: $25

Casp Baby: Adult $25 gift certificate , valued at: $25.

Only In Florida

by Gretchen Cover
Votes: 13   |   Views: 26


Value: $15

The Buggy Bunch: One (1) Buggy Bunch Discount Cards, valued at: $15.

Around Our Town

by Barbara A Whitlam
Votes: 25   |   Views: 36

Most Creative

Value: $25

Chive: 1 Gift Certificate, valued at: $25.

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