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If you’re no stranger to the Vero Beach networking community on Facebook, chances are you’ve seen the “Vero Beach Foodie” pop up with some mouth-watering food photos throughout the local groups and pages.  Talk about a man who gets to actually indulge in his work – Thomas Miller is the city’s most popular “Foodie,” and it’s with great pride and professionalism that he shares his experiences, his ample knowledge of food, and his marketing expertise with Vero Beach residents, both online through social media as well as out and about in public.   

Also given the nickname “The Food Guy,” Miller has lived in the area since 2014.  His gift of culinary critiquing is sought out each year by the folks over at Epcot, for their International Food & Wine Festival. Locally, Miller has reviewed over 150 restaurants in the last few years, and he is consistently hosting dining experiences for members of his VIP Foodie squad in the Indian River County area. He goes out to eat three or more time per week, as part of his job, Miller explained.  

His job, Thomas states, is what is “cool,” though his experiences in life and his involvement with the community keep him a pretty popular man.  “I get people all the time that tell me they’re jealous of what I do for a living,” he said. While experiencing various types of food is a part of the perks of his employment, there is a great deal of time and effort that goes into organizing dining experiences and various meetups. Miller spends a lot of time on social media, responding to followers and other foodies, and creating food blogs or writing critiques of local restaurants. 

He and his wife of 20 years, Becky, moved to Vero Beach from Fort Wayne, Indiana. Why Vero Beach?

“We are big Disney fans, and we came to Florida once or twice a year anyway,” Miller said. So, they decided to just move here. “We started out exploring down in Fort Lauderdale, then worked our way up the coast and stopped at Vero because of the Disney Vacation Club Resort.” And from there, they realized the small-town feel that Vero Beach had. 

“This area just felt most like home,” Thomas noted. “You could drive 5 minutes one way and see cows in the fields, like in the Midwest.” The other selling point for their decision to reside in Vero Beach was the Macy’s located in the Indian River Mall. His wife was able to transfer there from the Macy’s she previously worked at in Indiana. 

Miller and his wife go out once a week with his parents, socially, however, their excitement for food is not the same as his. “I try to urge them to try new things when I can,” Miller said. “They don’t quite see food the same as I do, though.”

The strangest food he’s ever eaten include a cow brain taco – not the most appealing, he said. That was in the mid-90s when he traveled to Mexico. Another odd Mexican delight he experienced while traveling through North Carolina was a cricket taco, which he admitted wasn’t all that bad.  

“It was salty, crunchy, kind of nutty,” he said. 

His favorite cuisines are Cuban and Italian. The one food you won’t catch him eating, he says, is broccoli. At home, he and his wife like to keep their meals simple, usually low-carb meats and veggies or leftovers from his foodie outings. 

Aside from his food-blasted lifestyle, Thomas likes to work around his home on the weekends and has a passion for electronic gadgets, along with all things technologically savvy. He at one point was heavily involved with the Sportscar Club of America. That was before he moved to Florida. He used to race a previously owned a Mustang and then later a Corvette Z06 to participate in “Autocross” events. 

Thomas Miller can be found on various social media, through his contact page at  You can purchase tickets to foodie events on the web page as well.  

“It takes time to eat right, it also takes time if you don’t.” – Thomas Miller

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