The Young Journalists🎄

As we celebrate the Vero Beach Christmas
Parade there is one group we would like to
acknowledge a group who were unable to
coordinate a Christmas parade float, though
they had signed up for one.

That group is over 120 third, fourth and
fifth grade Young Journalists, from 14
elementary schools. With that many
students you can understand why it would
be difficult to coordinate a float.

The Young Journalist is a free offering in the
School District of Indian River County
extended day elementary schools, as well as
Imagine Schools, South Vero, and Fairlawn
Magnet in Fort Pierce, St. Lucie, County.

The mission of The Young Journalist is to
nurture intellectual curiosity and install a

lifelong love of reading and writing by
mentoring third, fourth and fifth grade
students how to become journalists by
learning about the tools of journalism and
publishing their very own “scholarly
articles.” It is to have these students
understand that journalism is an art form of
writing that tells people about things that
really happened, but that they may not
have already known about.

The program began in 2018 at Glendale
elementary school with six students and
now is offered at 14 schools with over 120
students. The program began with one
mentor and has grown to 11.

Please let’s a give a shout out to these
students who were unable to arrange their

If you have a third, fourth or fifth grader
interested in enrolling in this extended day
program please contact your extended day

Stay Curious. Merry Christmas & Happy
Holidays to you all from all The Young

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Tiffany Bent

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