Vero Verse Alligator

Alligator They’re fast as a sneeze and low to the groundIt’s in murky ponds where alligators are foundIt’s a myth that they can’t turn 90 degreesIf chased run quickly, or you’ll be Swiss cheeseHumans don’t …

Vero Verse Aggression

Aggression An act of aggressionIs anger’s expressionEmotions eruptAimed to disruptSpawning wrath unrelentingBy vocal or physical venting Is this visceral reactionThe only satisfactionThere are other pathsTo alleviate wrathsAggression never will dispelNor ever does it quellLike war’s …

Vero Verse My Favorite Holiday

My Favorite Holiday Limerick What’s my favorite holiday Not something to downplay  Each year I reach its start As the year behind departs Have you deduced it’s my birthday?

Vero Verse Cancel Goodbye

Cancel Goodbye Limerick I write this rhyme to shock Our planet’s time is a ticking clock Resources we’ve looted Air and water polluted Or else earth’s life we’ll defrock

Vero Verse Life

Life can be creative and grand It’s in the doing nor in the plan If all goes asunder Don’t sit back and wonder Gumption is your cash in hand

Vero Verse Bring Home the Bacon

Bring Home the Bacon Why did bacon end up representing cash?It seems like an example of pure balderdashYet once in a while pig are allowedTo amuse a raucous, carnival crowd When County Fairs have a …

Vero Verse Waiting for Help

Waiting for Help Getting help is no joyWith any service I employCalling for help is a road to hellHow many times do I have to tellA bot with questions most mundaneOver and over again what …

Vero Verse Abibliophobia

Abibliophobia (fear of running out of things to read) The library is closed and my Kindle’s on the fritz.Without reading material I’m in the pits.I dread not having magazines or booksReading, has me in its hooks

Vero Verse The Tale of a Scale

The Tale of a Scale(the easiest way to lose weight) The following taleAbout a fifteen-year-old scaleI thought was reliableAnd my weight undeniableBecause it was old, I was advisedTo purchase one that’s digitizedI did, then to …

Vero Verse I Don’t Understand

I Don’t Understand  How is it possible to not construe? All souls are another you Telling lies Fostering Ukraine’s demise Hiding facts Causing acts Without provocation Strip a nation Of serenity A complete obscenity To …