Geoff Moore

Let’s begin with iHeart Radio and Planet Vero radio personality Geoff Moore, who laughed and questioned if we had the right person when told he was chosen as one of the coolest dudes in town. 

“My kids think you were looking for the well-known Christian singer, Geoff Moore,” he joked. 

Vero Beach’s very own Geoff Moore, by day, can be found working as a physician liaison for 21st Century Oncology.  The “on-air” version of Moore can be found on iHeart Radio 107.9, 1370 and 101.7, as well as streaming live online via The Geoff Moore Show Facebook page

Moore’s entrance in the radio world was actually an accident. He was pitching a marketing plan to a KISS FM station in upstate New York when the station manager interrupted and asked, “Have you ever done radio?” Geoff responded, “No, but I’ll try anything once.” And so, he began doing a nightly radio show on KISS FM, fast-forward 13 months he was doing the morning show, then fast-forward even more to 7 years later and his show had the highest ratings ever on the station. One thing led to another and he ended up in Florida on 93.7 WGYL, but the politics and management at that station made him want to “get back to the basics,” he said. 

At that point, iHeart Radio and Planet Vero offered him time for a local talk show that he could own and run on his own accord. Now, Moore said, “I can talk about local people, events,  happenings, fundraisers, etc. without anyone blocking those announcements just because they’re not paying for advertisement.” 

Moore is someone who loves his community and cherishes the ways he can help those around him and even complete strangers. His show welcomes local non-profit organizers and their missions and events, local business owners, talents, and other “cool” people with interesting stories and intents of making a positive difference in our community. 

At the young age of six, Geoff knew he had a gift to entertain people, and that realization drove his entire life in a variety of scenarios that allowed him to be the center of attention and grasp the ability to be a vehicle for change – GOOD change. To help those in need, to contribute to society. And now, to help those who are not only his colleagues and friends, but fans and supporters in the Vero Beach community. 

While he takes great gratitude and joy in helping the folks in the community through his radio show, he’s also no stranger to be a hero when least expected. Ask him about the time he made resuscitative efforts on a lifeless man for 14 minutes before EMS arrived, or the time his defense mechanisms kicked in to save two women from a knife-crazed maniac who was about to kill them. Whether in his daily position working with amazing oncologists along the Treasure Coast – like Stuart Byer, MD, William Crook, MD, and Mark Perman, MD – all that he does on and off the air ties in to what he has a passion for – entertain, inform, and help people in making connections. Moore has also been a part of United Against Poverty as a development director, helping individuals get out of their poverty-ridden situations and learn to make a life for themselves through learning and opportunities with their STEP classes. He has participated in the Boys and Girls Clubs in St. Lucie County as a mentor, been a part of St. Baldricks Day fund-raising to support research for childhood cancer. 

“Life is an adventure, now go live it!” – Geoff Moore

“I am with you always.” – Matthew 28:20

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