Find the Vero Pier

The Vero Beach Pier

The Vero Pier is somewhat of a mystery to some, as it is the most frequently inquired about location on Vero Vine. That may sound stange, but go ahead, take a walk just north of Jaycee beach and discover the Vero Pier. Under the Vero Pier Photo by Clyde Scent.


On Google Maps of course you cannot see it. However if you click the Google Earth options to view the satellite image of the beach.


Click to “Street View” and the address is located at Seaquay 4756 Hwy A1A Vero Beach, Florida.

4756 Hwy A1A   Google Maps

Just behind this building is the Vero beach Pier. A great spot to take your vacation photos.

jaycee park   Google Maps

The pier is private access only and is visible and walk-able from Jaycee Park.

Vero Beach   Google Maps

If you have any questions to ask, we would be happy to answer them for you and if we don’t know the answer, the Community will certainly get the job done. Ask Vero Vine a Question.

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  1. You just advertised a private pier to the public. I’ve known about it for years, but never walked on it , because its private property.

    1. Yes, we are sharing the location because although you know about it, many don’t and it is one of the most common questions asked of us which is why we produced the article. It is a favorite location for photographers.

    2. I been under it many times. There is literally no way to get up on it, unless you get to the entrance, which also looked unused for many years. Why not build stairs and charge people to fish off it.. Now that’s a “Vero Experience”.

  2. So, it’s a favorite spot for photographers to take photos from under the pier? Or does one get permission to go ON the pier?

  3. Why even write this article? Looks like you were desperate for content! It is so helpful to know about a private pier that I have no real access to Lol.

    1. We wrote about the pier because it one of the most commonly asked questions. We serve the community as an information resource. There is a new pier built by the Live Like Cole foundation and it will be completed soon. You can purchase planks to support the endeavor. It is on the lagoon side of Riverside Park near Memorial Island.

  4. I appreciate knowing more information, as I am glad your writing this article. Personally… the public hype about it being a “private pier” is slightly absurd. Example: in Panama City Beach there are 2 accessible piers. They are both county property. Patrons pay a few dollars to go on the pier. They watch the sunset, rest, fish and enjoy the very reasons why they live and vacation there. Photographers access all areas and it’s not a political battle. The second pier is the same way in Peir Park. Which is also a dog beach. Across the street from a wonderful outdoor mall. What drives people to your communities? Amenities… PUBLIC ACCESS not private. I don’t want to see Vero become a over run tacky tourist town. Nobody does…
    But… let’s live in a world where we face reality, just once and a while. Key word here: Amenities.

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