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Her name is as unique as her passion for life and living, and her spirit and drive for bringing positivity and healthy living choices into the community that she now calls ‘home’ is awe-inspiring. Esther Chin, originally from Malaysia, has made her presence very well known in Vero Beach since moving here in 2017.  Creator of “Garden of Esther,” Esther offers fresh pasta products to the community. “Be the difference” is one of the mottos that she chooses to live by and makes efforts every day to do so. Before living in our community, she and a partner ran “Lovly Host,” an all-inclusive rental property management business in New York City. Her commitment to people and making “happy” customers is what she contributes to every success she has ever had. Before NYC, Esther graduated with a Public Relations degree from Western Michigan University. Her ‘dream big or go home’ mindset has consistently floored her to do more, learn more, and be more.  

How her garden began is quite simple. It was through networking, sharing, a desire to create and explore, and a surprisingly green thumb. As described in her story through her website, she began fiddling around with dirt and seeds, and began to grow a plethora of produce – everything from mint, basil, beets, carrots, avocados, lemons, and so much more. She coupled her expertise with gardening along with her talent for making pasta and combined the two into a grand selection of tasty choices.

“Anyone can make pasta,” Esther said. “I wanted to make the best pasta.” And so, she did. Not only does she (and so many others) consider it the best, it’s also incredibly healthy. Esther has made it her commitment to grow organic products only, and she prides herself on finding all local sources for the majority of her ingredients. “Nearly everything that isn’t grown in my own garden is grown somewhere nearby by a real person, not a corporation. ‘Farm-to-table’ isn’t just a catchphrase for me. It’s what I want for both the food I eat and the food I sell.” She is proud of the freshness and local aspect of all of her ingredients and products. Esther feels as though the food she and those in her community eats should be made by an actual person – a neighbor, even. She doesn’t believe in mass production of food by some faceless machine somewhere else in the world. Esther supports local businesses, as you will see through her blog posts and articles supporting restaurants and local-owned markets in the Vero Beach community.

When Esther isn’t busy broadening her knowledge of pasta-making, networking in the community, helping other business owners, or gardening she has a smorgasbord of other interests including working out, golfing, archery, krav maga, Muay Thai, jumping out of planes (yes, really!), and flying lessons. She believes in sustainable living – a lifestyle that attempts to reduce an individual’s or society’s use of the Earth’s natural resources, and one’s personal resources. 

“Life is meant to be lived,” Esther said. “If you don’t like where you are at in life, move. You are not a tree.”

Not only is Esther conscious about providing organic products, she strives to be as ecologically sound as possible. She tracks incoming ingredients and outgoing pasta to minimize waste. The packaging for her products is biodegradable. She donates leftover pasta, as well as volunteers her time, to local organizations such as the Nature Human Foundation. In addition, Esther cleans up any recyclable or eco-hazardous clutter that others leave behind from the beach whenever she goes for a walks and spreads her knowledge of how one can be ecologically friendly when she gets opportunities to. 

Her mantra: “Honesty is the best policy.” It is clear when speaking with her she is a passionate individual and lover of the world and people within it. “I’m someone who will give 100% to something when I put my mind to it,” Esther explained. “I’m very determined, responsible, and always making a point to keep learning and gaining knowledge.”

Her favorite quote Is by Bo Songvisava from the series Chef’s Table: “Learning about the environment and what we do with it in society reorganizes the priorities of what is important in life. It’s not only cooking, but it’s also not only eating. It’s how you live your life. It does not only affect you but the next generation. I feel this responsibility to preserve and pass on our planet. If you choose the sustainable approach, it will last to the next generation. It can be a way of life.”

Garden of Esther can be located on social media – on Facebook (Garden of Esther), Instagram @gardenofesther, online at, and she can be reached by email at .

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