Best Selfie Ever Photo Contest Winners


Look At You!
by Marlen Hurter
Votes: 114   |   Views: 47

1st Place
Value: $207

River King Cruise: Two (4) River King Cruise Tickets, valued at: $128. Riverside Theatre Comedy Zone: Four Tickets to any Comedy Show, valued at: $64. The Buggy Bunch: One (1) 2018 Buggy Bunch Discount Cards, valued at: $15.


Girl’s Best Friend
by Sarah Garrett
Votes: 45   |   Views: 26

2nd Place
Value: $130
Pink Pelican Florist: 1 Custom Bouquet of Flowers Delivered, valued at: $75. Eminence Hair Design: 1 Gift Certificate for a Mens or Womens Haircut (Sebastian), valued at: $55.


Things Are About To Get Serious!
by Jennifer Jones
Votes: 31   |   Views: 30

3rd Place
Value: $120
Vero Beach Karate Association: One Month of Karate Lessons, Includes Uniform, valued at: $120.


Dolphin Watching
by Cristin
Votes: 27   |   Views: 38

4th Place
Value: $85
Main Street Vero Beach: A City Scapes Drawing, Unframed, valued at: $35. Baci Trattoria: 1 Gift Certificate, valued at: $25. Carmine & Lucia’s: Your choice of a 200ml bottle one each of an oil and a vinegar., valued at: $25.


Baby’s First
by Dawn Leigh
Votes: 27   |   Views: 30

Value: $31
Beach Soul Boutique: Handmade Sea Glass Bracelet, valued at: $16. The Buggy Bunch: One (1) 2018 Buggy Bunch Discount Cards, valued at: $15.


Real Bonnie Please Step Forward
by Bonnie Owings
Votes: 93   |   Views: 164

Most Creative
Value: $25
Chive: 1 Gift Certificate, valued at: $25.

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2 years ago

Yeah, I don’t see myself entering any more of your contests. We had the most views (984) and the most votes (469) and nothing? That’s a lot of advertising for Vero Beach and the Treasure Coast. Guess I should have just posted multiple pictures and gone for quanity.

Stacy Cook
2 years ago
Reply to  Jill

The winners are selected at random by each rank category.

2 years ago
Reply to  Stacy Cook

That was kind of my point about submitting quantity over quality. The contest wants unique images to help promote local business, yet the popular vote of the people it is aimed to advertise to doesn’t seem to matter. Why have voting at all. It’s no different than just picking a name out of a hat.

Mary A Kalin
Mary A Kalin
2 years ago
Reply to  Jill

It is a photo contest and the rules inform that 1st, 2nd etc will be chosen from a group not the one with the most votes. The rules were there for anyone to make the decision to enter or not. It is fun…..