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    Oct 01 2022


    2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

    The Applebutter Express at Walking Tree Brewery

    <div class=’ai1ec-event-avatar alignleft timely’><img src=’https://timelyapp-prod.s3.us-west-2.amazonaws.com/images/38898986/299655128_5958005260881787_3180295758125763587_n_QxAH.jpg’ /></div><p><span style=’caret-color: #050505; color: #050505; font-family: system-ui, -apple-system, BlinkMacSystemFont, ‘.SFNSText-Regular’, sans-serif; font-size: 15px;’>Hailing from Tampa, this incredible band will blow you away with their energetic, fun, and unique style. With Shannon’s smooth vocals, you’ll be drawn in more and more with each song. Applebutter Express is uncut ukulele funk!</span></p>

    Tiffany Bent

    The event is finished.

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