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Patty’s Cakes of Vero Beach – Business Review

by Thomas Miller – Food Blogger / Restaurant Critic for Vero Vine and Vero Beach Foodie

I first discovered Patty’s Cakes when I came across one of her creations on Facebook and I felt compelled to reach out to her for more information about the amazing cakes I saw on her page.  We scheduled a time to get together for a tasting and the cakes below are what she made for us to try.  When we arrived at her home, she had a simple, yet elegant setting waiting for us at her dining room table along with champagne for the tasting.  Everything looked wonderful so I could not wait to dive right in and see what flavors she made for us to try.

From the age of 10 years old, Patty started baking in the kitchen with her mother and it quickly became a passion.  One of her favorite things to make were cream puffs.  She got so good at making them her neighbors started to request orders for them and she was happy to oblige.  Her mother started to notice how many ingredients came up missing from her panty and how messy the kitchen became, so she decided that Patty could start purchasing her own ingredients and cleaning the kitchen too.  While the professional training that Patty has had over the years has given her knowledge, her mother has been her greatest influence, providing both experience and the support needed to start her own business, which she also helped give a name to, and Patty’s Cakes was born.

In Conclusion:

Cakes have become so much more than just a simple sweet treat for parties and celebrations.  They have become a representation of what is important to us in our lives, and Patty does a wonderful job of creating that for your special occasion.  We were provided with five amazing cakes to try for the tasting and we loved each one of them.  They were all very moist and were quite delicious with tons of flavor.  With all of her cakes being made from scratch, you have many options to choose from when you sit down with her to create your perfect cake.  If you are looking for that one of a kind cake for your special occasion, then I suggest you give her a call, I know you won’t be disappointed!

Patty’s Cakes of Vero Beach Website  |  Facebook Page

Give her a call to set up an appointment:  (772) 643-7061

121 Tapas on the Water – Restaurant Review

by Thomas Miller – Food Blogger / Restaurant Critic for Vero Vine and Vero Beach Foodie

My next tasting experience review takes me down to Fort Pierce and to 121 Tapas on the Water!  I first met the owners, Chef Jason and Hallie Alfonso earlier this year at the Hope for Families Center’s Top Chef event in April.  They made some of the most amazing potato gnocchi that I’ve ever tasted, so I knew that I needed to pay these guys a visit and see if the other items on their menu were just as amazing! 

The restaurant is located at the corner of Melody Lane and Orange Avenue in Fort Pierce.  If you are not familiar with the location, Melody Lane is the street that runs along in front of Gazebo Park where the Fort Pierce Farmers Market is held.  There are lots of parking options all around, but be sure to arrive early if you want to find one easily, plus you can take advantage of their Happy Hour.  This area tends to be quite busy with lots of events, different markets, Sailfish Brewery, and lots of other businesses close by, so the parking spots tend to fill up fast.  Walking up to the restaurant you notice the beautiful view of the intercoastal waterway just across the street.  They do have a few tables in front of the restaurant if you prefer to dine outside.  The interior is tastefully decorated with dark and light-colored walls, a few booths and tables in a dark cherry stained wood, and a large bar takes center stage on the left upon entry.  Lots of unique and colorful artwork adorn the walls.


Let’s jump right in and see what I had to eat and drink!

Jumbo Lump Crab Bisque – First up for us to taste is this wonderful Crab Bisque!  It’s a cream based bisque with a generous portion of lump crab meat.  The bisque was very smooth and creamy.  The crab meat was quite a generous portion and was tender and sweet.  The crostini was soft on the inside and had a slight crunch on the outside.  The wine pairing that Chef Jason chose for me was a Butternut Chardonnay and was light and fruity, and paired perfectly with the bisque. 

Meat and Cheese Charcuterie Board – ($15.00) –  I love a good charcuterie board, so I was happy to see this when it was brought to the table.  It has olives, a sweet and spicy grain mustard, Port Wine, Manchego, and Charmont cheeses, thin slices of hard salami and chorizo, slices of Granny Smith apples and honey (behind crostini), and several crostini.  The board had a nice variety of meats and cheeses, the olives were not as salty as I had expected them to be and were quite good, and the sliced apples and honey added a nice contrasting flavor and texture with all of the fatty and salty items on the board.

Sliced Filet – ($13.00) – Filet tends to be a very popular cut of meat for most people due to its tenderness, but for me, it lacks flavor due to the low-fat content.  Chef Jason cooked this via the Sous Vide method and was able to further tenderize and increase the flavor potential of this cut of beef.  The meat was so tender it was almost silky in texture.  The roasted Brussel sprouts were some of the nuttiest I have tasted and were cooked perfectly.  A very good dish!

Rock Shrimp Gnocchi – ($12.00) – This is the dish that I first tasted by Chef Jason at the Top Chef event earlier this year and what actually inspired me to go visit them for this review.  First off, the gnocchi are outstanding!  Its silky smooth texture is some of the best I have tasted anywhere.  The rock shrimp were perfectly cooked and the sauce was rich and creamy.  One more element you don’t see is a sweet pea puree tucked underneath everything which adds a little sweetness to the dish.  This is one that I will definitely order again and highly recommend that you try it too!

Scallops – ($13.00) – What a beautiful presentation!  Three U10 scallops were seared and placed over a Corn and Jalapeno chutney.  The scallops had a beautiful sear on them, but were just a touch over on the cook and were closer to medium well in the middle.  The corn chutney was really sweet and had just a touch of Jalapeno flavor without any heat.  (Note – The menu says two scallops, I was served three.  The owners were not available at the time of writing for me to confirm the price difference).

Carrot Cake – Most people either love or hate carrot cake, there does not seem to be much middle ground with this dessert.  I’m someone that does really enjoy a good carrot cake and that’s what we have here.  The cake itself was moist and had some texture from the walnuts and raisins in it.  This one also had just the right amount of frosting on it and it was not killer sweet.  It added just enough sweetness to let you know it’s there, but not overwhelm you with the richness.    This is one of the better versions that I have tasted in quite a while.

In Conclusion:

I really enjoyed my time here during the review.  The atmosphere was comfortable and very relaxed, the food was exceptional, and they even have live entertainment on select nights.  Happy Hour is from 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm and you can get half off any drinks or Tapas dishes which is a great deal!  If you don’t mind the short drive to Fort Pierce, then stop by and give these guys a try, I know you won’t be disappointed!

Have you tried 121 Tapas on the Water?  What has your experience been with them?  Sound off in the comments below and let me know your thoughts, or feel free to email me at thefoodguy@verovine.com with your questions or comments.

Atmosphere – 5 Forks

Service – 5 Forks

Food – 4 Forks

Rating Scale Legend:

1 to 5 Forks – 1 Bad to 5 Excellent

Website  |  Facebook

Address121 Melody Lane, Fort Pierce, FL 34950

Phone(772) 781-0943

Happy Hour Daily from 4:00 pm till 5:00 pm with half off drinks and tapas items.  Tuesday is open mic night, Wednesday is $2.00 you call it beers, Thursday is Ladies Night with Live Music, and Sunday night two can dine for $49.00 which includes two appetizers, two entrees, and one bottle of wine.

A Thoughtful Bite – Bakery Review

by Thomas Miller – Food Blogger / Restaurant Critic for Vero Vine

The gluten-free trend seems to be picking up steam lately due to what seems to be an increased gluten intolerance in a lot of people.  I myself am one of those that has an intolerance to gluten.  Running with that trend is a brand new bakery in town that hopes to fulfill your need for tasty gluten free items.  If you are a regular reader of Vero Vine’s weekly email newsletter, you may recall seeing posts from Ashley and her blog “A Thoughtful Bite by Ashley Kennedy”.  She is a 4th generation Vero Beach native, daughter of Ken and Joy Kennedy, a pioneer family formally in the citrus industry.  Transitioning from just a blogger to an actual bakery has been a huge step for Ashley, and one that her new customers seem to welcome.  She can be found on Saturday mornings down at the Vero Beach Farmers Market selling her delectable goodies!  I had an opportunity to sit down with her recently and taste her homemade items.

Let’s dive right in and take a look at what she made for me try!

Gluten Free Pizza Crust – Ashley said that one of the things she missed most about not eating gluten was pizza.  Her favorite is from Vittorio’s.  She decided to explore the option of making her own pizza crust using simple, yet gluten free ingredients.  To get the flavor she craved, she does buy the sauce and cheese blend directly from Vittorio’s to use on her crusts.  The crust was thin, but not cracker thin, and was soft in the middle and crunchy on the edges.  The slices held up when we picked them up, and it definitely had that satisfying chew we all associate with a pizza crust.  This is a brand new item from her, so when you see her at the Farmers Market, be sure to ask her about it and when it will be available.

Oatmeal Lace Cookies – These cookies are about 4 inches in diameter and fairly thin.  The aroma reminded me of brown sugar oatmeal that my mom used to feed me as a kid.  They had a nice crispy edge, yet still soft and chewy in the middle.  They were really good!

Italian Rolls – These were baked just a few hours before the tasting and were very fresh.  My wife joined me for this review and as a self-confessed breadaholic, she found these just as good as rolls made with regular flour.  They had that satisfying chewy texture in the middle with a little bit of crunch on the outside.  You definitely won’t miss the gluten once you have had a chance to try these!

Paleo Chocolate Brownies – I’m a huge brownie fan, well actually I really like the batter and cleaning out the bowl they are made in, but that’s another story. 😉  These are really moist and have that sticky and chewy texture we all love so much.  They do have a slight carob flavor to them which if you are not familiar, it’s a chocolate substitute that seemed to be quite popular many years ago.  They will definitely take care of that brownie craving if you get them like I do!

Hazelnut Carrot Cake Muffin – Ashley made these for a client before the review and had one left over for us to try, and boy I’m glad she did.  The carrot cake was very moist and had carrot and coconut shreds in the muffin which added a little texture.  The cream cheese icing was sweet, but not too sweet.  It was topped with candied pecans which added another layer of flavor and texture to the muffin.  It was fantastic!

Club Style Gluten Free Crackers –For a homemade cracker they are quite perfect looking so Ashley must use some type of press to roll them out.  Flavor was rich and buttery, but the texture was more like a Lorna Doone cookie than like a normal cracker.  Don’t get me wrong, the texture was not a bad thing, just different.  I also could not stop eating them either.  They are quite addictive!

In Conclusion:

Gluten intolerance has become an issue over the last 20 years for a lot of people.  As someone who researches nutrition, I believe in part that a lot of these issues don’t necessarily come from the wheat gluten itself, but what the growers are doing to the wheat.  GMO modification and the proliferation of spraying it with glyphosate and other chemicals in agriculture are what I believe are some of the causes of intolerance and the allergies we have to it.  Ashley’s products are all gluten-free and are made in a gluten-free environment so you don’t have to worry about cross contamination.  Everything is homemade, nothing artificial,  low glycemic, and made with all natural sweeteners such as coconut sugar, honey, or maple syrup.  We were really impressed with her offerings, and I think you will be too, so head on down to the Vero Beach Farmers Market and give her products a try, I know you won’t be disappointed!

Vero Vine Business Contact Page  |  Facebook Page