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Vero Vine Top 9 Nightlife Entertainment

Summer nights in Vero Beach are anything but boring! Check out these top nightlife activities that’ll make this Summer one to remember. Let us know your favorite spot in the comments below!

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Riverside Theatre

Riverside Theatre, Inc. is committed to providing a total theatre arts experience that entertains, challenges, and educates both adults and children. Producing quality works from Broadway, Off-Broadway, and Regional Theatres with an emphasis on high production values, providing the youth of the community with a broad range of education opportunities that will cultivate tomorrow’s artist and audiences, while building the skills of today, and providing a nurturing and collaborative environment for the artist, educators, and staff.

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Walking Tree Brewery

At Walking Tree Brewery, we combine creativity with science to produce a large selection of unique and delicious craft beer. You will always find a wide variety of traditional options on tap – from pale ales that dance on the buds to mouthwatering creamy stouts. In addition to creating great beer, we continually strive to develop a culture that unites our community. Our Florida roots are important to us, which is one of the reasons that the name “Walking Tree Brewery” resonated so well. Mangrove trees live with one foot on land and one in the sea, constantly expanding their boundaries. Through our pursuit to produce unforgettable beer, like the mangrove tree, we will never forsake our home, our community, or our roots. 

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Vero Bowl Lanes & Lounge

Vero Bowl is a great place to have fun times with family and friends. At Vero Bowl you can have a great time at prices that won’t break your family’s budget.  We also have our COOL Cosmic where you bowl with the lights down – great music turned up and awesome special effects lighting…it looks like a nightclub!

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Captain Hirams Sand Bar

What’s better than one bar? Three bars in one, naturally. Anchored in the sand, surrounded by coconut palms and buffeted by cool river breezes, our outdoor tiki-style Sandbar is Sebastian’s go-to destination for live music, cold beer, tropical cocktails and the chance to mingle in a trio of spirited spots, each with its own unique personality and drink menu. The Sandbar’s two live music stages regularly host an extensive line-up of the best national artists and bands, including reggae legends like Toots and the Maytals. Weekends tend to be livelier. On quieter nights, you can hum along to the tunes of some of Sebastian’s lower-key musicians performing on the Sandbar’s tiki stage.

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Havana Nights Piano Bar

This popular nightspot features a lively crowd, latin rhythms, and is frequented by “A-list” locals and visitors “in the know.” The menu offers tropical lite cuisine – a melange of French, Spanish and Caribbean-inspired dishes for dinner, supper or just to nibble.

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American Icon Brewery

American Icon Brewery is a family oriented gastropub with a 15 barrel brewing system, a full-food menu and over 400 seat capacity, located in historic Downtown Vero Beach.

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Riverside Cafe

You will find that we are more than just a restaurant. We serve great food, really cold drinks, our bars are equipped with tap lines that chill our beer to 33 degrees, ensuring each domestic, imported, or craft draft beer is perfectly chilled. 

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Gamers Realm

Gamers Realm is a Gamer’s Paradise. We have games for every generation, allowing players to explore libraries of games released over the last 40 years. We also feature virtual reality games that will take you to another world featuring HTC Vive. Other attractions include Room Escapes, Table Top Gaming, and Magic the Gathering. We are open late every night, and at 8pm we turn on the black lights and turn up the music!

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Grind + Grape

Grind+Grape is a versatile and innovative establishment dedicated to giving customers an unforgettable expireince. As the name suggests, Grind+Grape offers a delicious selection of coffee beverages as well as a full bar stocked with the finest wines and liquor. As for the food offered at Grind+Grape, not many places can beat it for quality as well as variety. Baked goods from our award-winning sister store ‘Frosting’ are always on mouth-watering display. The menu itself is filled with Italian inspired cuisine such as flatbreads and Caprese Salad as well as cheese boards and other delicious delicacies. Last but not least, Grind+Grape is proud to offer you live music every single day of the week. We believe local music is something to be supported and cherished, so many of the musicians booked at Grind are Vero Beach natives. So whether you have lived in Vero your whole life or you’re just on vacation, we hope to see you at Grind+Grape, where versatility and quality meet.

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2017 Walking Tree Brewery – Great American Beer Festival


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Walking Tree Brewery was awarded the bronze medal for Imperial Stout at this year’s Great American Beer Festival® in Denver, Colorado.  Taking home any award from this competition is considered one of the brewing industry’s highest honors. Accolades for Walking Tree Brewery in their first year of operation now include:




Best Beer in Florida: (2017 Best Florida Beer Championships) for Barnacled Manatee Barley Wine

Gold Medal: (2017 Best Florida Beer Championships) for Barnacled Manatee Barley Wine

Silver Medal: (2017 Best Florida Beer Championships) for Duke Snider’s Imperial Stout

Bronze Medal: (2017 Best Florida Beer Championships) for White Walking Tree IPA

Best Small Brewery: (2017 Best Florida Beer Championships)


The 2017 Great American Beer Festival ®(GABF)® competition awarded 293 medals to some of the best commercial breweries in the United States, plus three GABF® Pro-Am medals to teams of homebrewers paired with professionals. Presented by the Brewers Association (BA), GABF® is the largest commercial beer competition in the world and the premier symbol of brewing excellence.

In a ceremony at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver, award-winning breweries received prestigious gold, silver and bronze medals in 98 beer categories covering 161 different beer styles (including all subcategories), establishing the best examples of each style in the country.  

Winners were chosen out of 7,923 competition entries from 2,217 breweries in 50 states plus Washington, D.C. (a 15 percent and 24 percent increase respectively from the 7,301 entries and 1,783 breweries in 2016).

The competition took place in six sessions over a period of three days and was judged by 276 beer experts from 13 countries, including the U.S. In addition to commercial brewery entries, the judging panel also evaluated 118 Pro-Am entries. The competition was made possible with the help of 365 volunteers.  



36th anniversary of the festival; 31st edition of the GABF competition

 Over 800 breweries in the festival hall

 3,900+ beers served at the festival

 60,000 attendees

 4,308 volunteers (festival and competition combined)

 2,217 breweries in the competition from 50 states plus Washington, D.C.

 266 medal-winning breweries

 293 total medals awarded

 7,923 beers judged (not including 118 Pro-Am competition entries)

 98 beer categories covering 161 different beer styles judged, plus the Pro-Am competition

 276 judges from 13 different countries

  • Only 7 out of 212 Florida Breweries were awarded medals

 Average number of competition beers entered in each category: 81

 Category with the highest number of entries: American-Style India Pale Ale

 A gold medal was not awarded in the Fruited American-Style Sour Ale category





Pareidolia Brewing Company – Brewery Review

by Thomas Miller – Food Blogger / Restaurant Critic for Vero Vine

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My next tasting experience takes me up to Sebastian Florida and to and to a little brewery called Pareidolia Brewing Company.  I was contacted by the owners, Pete and Lynn to come up and check their place out and see what they do.  Now when I heard the name of the place, I had no idea what a “Pareidolia” was or how to even pronounce it correctly, so the first thing I did was go to visit their website to find out more about them and the name.  First off, you pronounce it like PARR-I-DOH-LEE-AH and it’s definition means “The psychological phenomenon that causes some people to see a vague or random image of something significant.”  So what does that mean exactly?  By using your imagination you can see faces in everyday common objects.  I happen to be one of those people that can see that and seem to find them all the time in the strangest of places.

Only about a 25-minute drive up from Vero and directly off of US Hwy 1 in Sebastian, it was an easy drive to get up there.  We went on a Sunday afternoon and traffic was not too bad.  They do sit back off the road a bit in a strip mall, so you may pass them by if not paying close attention.  They have ample parking in the strip mall so they can definitely accommodate quite a few patrons.  Walking into the establishment, it was nicely decorated with string lights hanging from the ceiling along with a large assortment of old beer taps as well.  The owner, Pete, came over to greet us and made us feel welcome.  We got settled in for the beer and food to arrive shortly!

Now let’s dive right in and see what this place has to offer and what I had to eat and drink!

Comments below are starting from the left, making my way to the right.

#1 – Barrier Island Blonde Ale | ABV – 6% | IBU – 24

Tasting Notes:  Aroma was subtle, light, crisp, an easy drinking beer, probably their closest to a mainstream beer, a real crowd pleaser.

#2 – Happy Lil Trees Pale Ale | ABV – 5.5% | IBU – 35

Tasting Notes:  Aroma was subtle but I could detect a bit of the bitter orange scent.  A medium bodied beer that was slightly sweet from the honey and not too bitter.

#3 – Gormy ESB | ABV – 5.2% | IBU – 39

Tasting Notes:  Aroma was undetectable, but it was an extremely smooth medium bodied beer that was slightly sweet with mild bitters.

#4 – Far into Red Ale | ABV – 6% | IBU – 42

Tasting Notes:  Aroma had subtle malty notes, while the flavor was definitely malty.  It was slightly sweet, medium bodied beer with medium bitters.

#5 – Oh Yea IPA | ABV – 6.2% | IBU – 78

Tasting Notes:  Aroma was quite strong and very bitter.  It was definitely a full bodied beer that is very hop forward.  A definite must for any “Hop Head”.

#6 – Pareidolia Party Porter | ABV – 5.2% | IBU – 23

Tasting Notes:  Aroma had a subtle coffee scent.  The coffee flavor was evident in this full-bodied beer that had additional subtle notes of vanilla and coconut.

Price List:

1/2 Pint:  $3.00

Pint:  $5.00 – $6.00

4 Flight:  $6.95

32 oz. Growler:  $10.00 for the bottle and $10.00 – $14.00 refill

32 oz. Crowler:  $11.00 – $15.00 depending on the beer

Beer Cheese Dip – ($7.50)  and Classic Hummus – ($6.50) – We were provided sample sizes of these two different items so we could try both of them and not be too full.  The beer cheese dip was very creamy and even if you are not a beer lover, you cannot even detect the beer in this.  My wife who does not care for beer even said this was very good.  The pretzels were slightly toasted so the outside was crunchy while keeping the inside soft and chewy.  The hummus dip was very fresh and finished off with a drizzle of olive oil for another layer of flavor.  The pita bread served alongside was very fresh and wonderful!

Nawlins’ Style Muffuletta Sandwich – ($8.75) – While not currently on the menu, this was run as a special on the day we visited.  This sandwich was a first for me, so I was looking forward to trying it.  They were very generous with the meat and olive tapenade had lots of garlic and was a little bit on the salty side from the olives it was made with.  The potato salad, while not made in house, was very creamy and fresh, slightly sweet, and had a little punch of flavor from the vinegar.

Really Gouda Pesto –  ($8.75) – The sandwich as you can see from the picture above was generous with the meat and the pesto was very fresh and flavorful.  The bread was very thin and was grilled lightly for a nice crunch when you bite into the sandwich.  The potato salad, while not made in house, was very creamy and fresh, slightly sweet, and had a little punch of flavor from the vinegar.

In Conclusion:

I was very impressed with what they are doing here.  I got a quick tour of the brew room and it’s really amazing how much beer and the amount of variety that Pete makes with as small of a space he has to work with.  His wife Lynn has even less space to work with.  She stands in the middle of a very small room and just rotates around the equipment to make the food.  Considering how much space she has to work with, everything was very good and came out in a timely manner.  The good news is that business has been steadily climbing over the past 2 years and they are in need of more space.  They will be moving north of the park soon and things can only get better once they have more space to work with.  Keep your eye on these guys for great things they have coming up at the new location.  They should be in the new place by late spring/early summer.

Have you tried Pareidolia Brewing Company?  What has your experience been with them?  Sound off in the comments below and let me know your thoughts, or feel free to email me at thefoodguy@verovine.com with your questions or comments.

Atmosphere – 5 Forks

Service – 5 Forks

Beer – 4 Forks

Food – 4 Forks

Rating Scale Legend:

1 to 5 Forks – 1 Bad to 5 Excellent

Happy Hour everyday from 4:00 PM till 6:00 PM – $1.00 off all beers!

Pareidolia Brewing Company Website | Facebook Page

Address: River Park Plaza, 482 US-1, Sebastian, FL 32958


Wednesday 1–10PM
Thursday 1–10PM
Friday 1–11PM
Saturday 1–11PM
Sunday 1–6PM
Monday Closed
Tuesday 1–10PM