Sandy Feet Photo Contest Winners

1st Place
by Sue Crowley 
Votes: 62   |   Views: 49
Value: $237

River King Cruise: Two (4) River King Cruise Tickets, valued at: $128. Riverside Theatre Comedy Zone: Four Tickets to any Comedy Show, valued at: $64. Walking Tree Brewery: One Sandy Feet or other growler gift card & stickers., valued at: $30. The Buggy Bunch: One (1) 2018 Buggy Bunch Discount Cards, valued at: $15.

2nd Place
by Bonnie Owings 
Votes: 47   |   Views: 31
Value: $131

Pink Pelican Florist: 1 Custom Bouquet of Flowers Delivered, valued at: $75. Eminence Hair Design: 1 Gift Certificate for a Mens or Womens Haircut (Sebastian), valued at: $56.

3rd Place
Washing His Sandy Feet
by Marlen Hurter 
Votes: 21   |   Views: 14
Value: $120

Vero Beach Karate Association: One Month of Karate Lessons, Includes Uniform, valued at: $120.

4th Place
Loving Her First Boat Trip
by Genevieve
Votes: 13   |   Views: 10

Value: $85
Main Street Vero Beach: A City Scapes Drawing, Unframed, valued at: $35. Baci Trattoria: 1 Gift Certificate, valued at: $25. Carmine & Lucia’s: Your choice of a 200ml bottle one each of an oil and a vinegar., valued at: $25.

First Beach Trip!
by Tesa Boykin
Votes: 154   |   Views: 279

Value: $31
Beach Soul Boutique: Handmade Sea Glass Bracelet, valued at: $16. The Buggy Bunch: One (1) 2018 Buggy Bunch Discount Cards, valued at: $15.

Most Creative

Sandy Feet

by Debbie Avery
Votes: 23   |   Views: 30
Value: $25

Chive: 1 Gift Certificate, valued at: $25.

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