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One thing is for sure – when  someone in a local Vero Beach Facebook group asks the question, “Where can I go to get my phone repaired?” – Chances are,  one of the first couple of responses will be a comment tag with either Cell Medic or Joseph Tarzia in it. And then likely another five people will recommend the same. It’s true. Try it yourself.   

He’s known as the head honcho at Cell Medic in Vero Beach but at home, he’s the head of the household – at least that’s what his wife, Savannah, lets him think. Originally from Brookhaven, NY, Joseph grew up in Palm Bay, FL. When he began Cell Medic in March of 2018, he had no idea how successful the local-owned business would eventually be. After business started picking up and sales and service really started taking off, Tarzia decided to relocate to Vero Beach and make it not only the home of his business, but “home” for himself and his family as well. He and his wife have four children – two boys and two girls.

“The community here is amazing,” Joseph pointed out. “It has helped us grow faster than I ever could have imagined. This is the Small Town, America, that you always hear about. The business owners stick together. The customers love to shop locally. I really couldn’t ask for a better community.

Tarzia sternly defies any categorization as a “cool” guy.

“I am by no means the “cool” guy,” he said. “I’ve always been one to avoid the parties, the gatherings, etc. and instead find more ways to make money.”

As such a mentality that he embraces, it’s no wonder that one of Tarzia’s influences is Gary Vaynerchuck.

Cell Medic is located at 762 S. US Highway 1 in Vero Beach in the South Vero Square shopping plaza. Their hours are Monday – Sunday, 10 a.m. – 7 p.m. and their phone number is (772) 584-3868.

“I take what I learn from Gary Vee and try to apply what is applicable to my business model,” Tarzia explained. The other influence is the team that he works with. Zak Jenness, another local cool guy mentioned this week, and Mike Davis, who was too cool (likely too busy with work) for an interview.

“I look to my team for guidance and positivity when times get tough,” stated Tarzia. “We work together like a well-oiled machine. It’s very rare that I have to instruct them what to do. They just kind of always know what’s next. We all take the workload at hand and do what we are best at to get it done as efficiently as possible.”

Though Joseph now excels at running his business and fixing all things technical, he previously was a firefighter and had a passion for fire-related events and critical incidents in EMS.  Now, having a family, he enjoys the business that he runs and having a “family” at work, so to speak. While he does make time for family, he and his team spend an enormous amount of time at Cell Medic.

“Weekday, weeknight, weekend,” he said. “It’s like we never leave.”

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Jennifer Stockdale

I’m a freelancing Floridian mama. I currently reside in Vero Beach, where I blog, paint, edit, write, and mom. I believe that acceptance, empathy, and compassion are the key to a well - lived life.

I earned my bachelor's degree in journalism from the University of Central Florida, and my bachelor's in nursing from Armstrong Atlantic State University in Savannah, GA. I certainly embrace my experience as a nurse (and have experience as a firefighter and EMT as well), however my passion has always been in the field of journalism. I thoroughly enjoy writing and making words come to life. ​

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I think small businesses that are locally-owned and operated are far under appreciated so I support and recommend them whenever I can. ​

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