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This group is designed to fill the void left behind from the closure of September in Vero.

All same rules apply. This is a group for Vero Beach locals and newcomers. It is a group for positive feedback for local shops and restaurants. We welcome recommendations for all local businesses to perhaps shed light on those who might not be as well known to the community. If you’ve visited a favorite local restaurant, shop or small business and have had a positive experience this is the place to share the info and encourage others to spend their dollars locally.

Please don’t use this page to advertise your business. Instead say something nice about someone else’s that you enjoy and, hopefully, someone will, in turn, say something about yours!

There are only three rules:

1) Vero Beach / Sebastian, for-profit businesses

2) Positive posts only

3) No self-promoting (if someone asks a question and your business is a fit, then comment).


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Nikki Lindsay

Nikki Lindsay literally has the Treasure Coast, especially Vero Beach as her home and her office. Having grown up and educated in Indian River County Nikki works with a deep knowledge to tend Vero Vine with a continual reach into all the communities of the Treasure Coast. She is in the vineyard virtually every day. Following its growth, nurturing start-ups, longtime roots, and branches of businesses, non-profits, municipalities, and everyday people. Nikki makes certain Vero Vine is connected.

The “real world” is Vero Beach Marketing where Nikki was recruited and is being mentored by Creative Director/ Owner, Stacy Cook. Nikki’s daily efforts include website management, email marketing, newsletter development, and most notably social engagement. Nikki has been instrumental in the deployment for the last two years of the “VeroBeach Marketing Summit” coordinating scheduling for regional and local experts in the digital space. In 2018 Nikki was responsible for the Email Marketing break out session, presenting her experience and insights to an audience of local businesses and professionals.

All of this is on behalf of local business clients and Vero Vine contributors. Nikki curates the good news about events, philanthropic happenings, and all the adventures in the Paradise of Vero Beach and the Treasure Coast. Updating Vero Vine, Vero Beach Foodie, and all of their client’s websites and Socials Nikki Lindsay makes sure that the world has everything on Vero Vine within reach.
Nikki Lindsay

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