Indian River County Summer Camps 2018

Summer is just around the corner! Have you made plans yet? Check out this year’s assortment of camps kids of all ages are going to love! Check back weekly as we add to our list of available camps!

Community Preschool Summer Camp

Arr, Matey, everyone loves playing pirate! Have your child join in the fun as we embrace all things pirate. Your little Landlubber will have a chance to experience a variety of activities, as each day brings a new focus. The activities will include arts and crafts, physical movement, and pirate games, whipping up some pirate grub, age-appropriate Pirate Movie day, and cool down Fridays and Pizza days. Everyone is guaranteed to have a swashbuckling good time!

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Wacky Water Week Camp at Community Preschool

Splish Splash, we’re going to have a BLAST! What better way to beat the heat than by playing with water! Some of our outdoor water activities include water squirters, sprinklers, toy-filled water tables, and discovery buckets. And you know if you give a kid a bucket, they’re going to want bubbles to go with it! Seeing all the bubbles will remind them of snow and ice, and then they will ask to play with ice cubes. To all of which we say yes, yes bring on the bubbles and ice! What a great way to enjoy a sizzling summer. Each day will find us either creating summer related crafts or slipping on our suits and having fun getting wet. We will be having a Movie Day and Pizza Day during the week. Come join the fun! 

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Land of Make Believe Camp

Come with us to a faraway land of castles, where we will meet princesses and knights. let your imagination take you where anything is possible: from a quest to find Camelot, a jester contest where campers can perform a talent of their choice, and catapulting the castle (with marshmallows, of course!) We will have a Royal time creating themed crafts and snacks. All of the guests of the court are encouraged to dress for the fairy tale movie event. We will also have a regal cool down day with a pizza lunch. It will be a magnificent time of magic and make-believe.

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Super Hero Power Camp

POP! WOW! ZOOM! Who doesn’t like Super Heroes? But being one is even better! Everything we do this camp will have a super hero twist, from special snack days to the arts and crafts we make. We even have a Dress Like Your Favorite Super Hero for our movie days! Super Powers will be tested as campers jump to new heights in the bounce house, navigate through a “hazardous” obstacle course, and use super strength to build a brick wall. Campers will make the most of their super powers, real and imagines! Always a favorite, Cool Down Fridays and a pizza lunch end our weeks.

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Adrenaline Martial Arts & Fitness Summer Camp

Adrenaline Martial Arts & Fitness Summer Camp is a safe and action-packed camp for your child 5 – 12 yrs! Your child will enjoy a fun variety of activities and challenges fit for a ninja! Our camp engages the whole self: Gross Motor instruction in Olympic taekwondo, judo, capoeira, free lunch thru the school district, arts & crafts with themed weekly events, cognitive growth thru literacy activities, endurance and team building, field trips to the pool, Skate factory, the library
presentations and so much more!

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Boulevard Tennis Club Summer Camp

Our Summer Camp is designed for players from 6 to 16 years of age. The BTC summer Tennis Camp allows all levels of players to learn and train through games to enjoy tennis and learn sports values, without losing the improvement of the technique and tactical aspects of the game. Our junior summer Tennis camp offers excellent opportunities to develop lifelong skills, teamwork and sports etiquette. Our KIDZ playroom features basketball, air hockey, foosball, video games and board games. Our swimming pool offers the perfect amenity for our juniors to break during the hot summer days. Lunch is included and special dietary requests are welcomed. We offer a safe, secure, and peaceful setting where a team of counselors care for our students and are responsible for their safety and welfare always.

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Vero Beach Museum of Art Summer Art Camp 

This year’s Vero Beach Museum of Art Summer Art Camp is inspired by astronomy and nature! The Summer Art Camp is designed to offer an environment for young artists to explore ideas, develop skills, help build sself-esteem and encourage creativity through experiencing, making and learning about all aspects of art. 

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Skate Factory Summer Camp

We have great adult supervision and lots of fun, such as field trips, games, activities and much more.

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The Jungle Summer Camp

The Jungle Adventures Summer Camp is a co-ed weeklong program for children ages 6-12. Campers can play sports or participate in activities both fun and educational. There are 11 fun-filled themed weeks! Depending on the themed week and/or weather, campers can be found in the Camp Areas, racquetball courts, the Sports Arena, volleyball courts, swimming pools for lessons and recreational swims, tennis courts for daily lessons, group fitness studios or Kids Fit area inside the Jungle Club facility.

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Camp McKee

Little Tykes Camp (ages 5-7) and Junior Camp (ages 8-9)

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Little Wonders Summer Camp

It’s never too early to wonder about the natural world around you and pre-kindergarten is a beautiful age of wonder and eye-opening exploration.  Our Little Wonders will enjoy exciting water activities, introductions to the natural world, and gentle handling of different insects and animals. We’ll also build outdoors and create nature-themed artwork.

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Young Explorers Summer Camp

Come join us for a week of fun nature adventures! We will explore different animals and their habitats, from dip-netting in a pond to hiking through a mangrove forest. Your young explorer will become a naturalist before you even know it!

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Our Living World Summer Camp

Campers will mingle amongst the living things as they discover a whole new world of curiosity and wonder! Highlights include seine netting through seagrass beds, exploring fascinating plants and critters that live in our freshwater pond, and paddling over a wonderfully watery world in camp canoes. Get ready to experience all that our Lagoon Island world has to offer! 2018’s new full-day session is made for our young nature lovers.

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Island Adventure Summer Camp

Get ready for the time of your life as we adventure our way through 3 days chocked-full of action-packed fun on the water!  Campers will have opportunities to study living things from both lagoon and ocean habitats as we enjoy various activities such as canoeing and a pontoon boat trip out to a small island where we’ll up-anchor for fun exploration. Come make new friends (both human and critter!) as we adventure in our unique local ecosystem.

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Marine Safari Summer Camp

Grab your sun blocking safari hat and getting ready to head out on this super-speed adventure! This 3 day camp is filled to the brim with fun and engaging, water-loving activities that focus on local marine ecology. You’ll catch, study, swim and snorkel alongside, and explore critters that call Florida’s coastal waters home. It’s gonna be a wild ride!

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Imagineering STEAM Summer Camp

Grab your bandana and get ready for tons of fun, dynamic scientific outdoor activities, from recording natural sounds to building your very own ROV! This new camp is a combination of fun outdoor activities and interaction with Science, Technology, Art, Engineering and Mathematics. Campers will learn how to use different technologies to collect data on land and in water and help scientists to evaluate the health of the Indiana River Lagoon. Bring your 5 senses as we are doing different scavenger hunts to see critters, find wild edibles, and identify different mathematical shapes in nature. 

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Week on the Water I Summer Camp

Your child’s spirit will soar throughout this active week of marine activities and local ecosystem adventures.  In addition to many of the brand new above-mentioned activities, campers will enjoy time on (or in!) the water each day with loads of opportunities to try their hand at different outdoor recreation. The Indian River Lagoon ecosystem offers discovery opportunities around every corner, and this week-long camp is sure to cover all the bases and explore tons of its special nooks and crannies. 

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Week on the Water II Summer Camp

If you loved Week on the Water I, you’ll want to dive right into Week on the Water II adventure camp! Expand your knowledge of Florida’s coastal ecology as you apply your scientific collection techniques and engage in different outdoor recreation activities. In addition to many of the brand new above-mentioned activities, campers will enjoy time on (and in!) the water each day as they explore and cool off from the summer heat. The Indian River Lagoon ecosystem offers campers countless hours of fun and tons of Ooo’s and Ahh’s as they discover the mesmerizing creatures living under the water’s surface!

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Academic Summer Camp

Reading, writing, and comprehension, Math, Science project with review and prep for the new school year. Children will keep up their studies and prevent summer slump in a fun way with learning.

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Maximum Velocity Gymnastics Summer Camp

Gymnastics, Animals, Skate Factory, Karate, Crafts, & Games!

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Summer Gymnastics at Leisure Square

There are gymnastics and aerial classes available for beginners through advanced students. Our performance-based program offers performing arts instruction for toddlers through teens!  Receive training from the City of Vero Beach Recreation Department’s USA Gymnastics Safety Certified Instructors.

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Horse Camp

This camp is based around safe fun with horses. Included are crafts, outdoor games, horse-based classes, and of course horseback riding.

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Camp Rhythmo Peter Pan Jr. Summer Camp

This summer, our 1-week musical theatre workshop will feature a fully-staged performance of “Disney’s PETER PAN Jr.”. Each day includes acting workshops, vocal workshops, choreography/movement, and more!

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Camp Rythmo Jr.’s “World Explorers!”

Journey with us around the globe as we discover new countries and cultures through interactive storytelling, music, dance, and art!

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Riverside Theatre Summer Camp

Our classic camps return with more joy and fun as young performers get their first experiences with acting, singing, dancing, and some art.  Each week has a different theme and will culminate in a Showcase for family and friends on the last day! 

Kids Theatre Intensive: Madagascar Jr

Recommended for ages 7 – 11 years. Prepare 16 measures of an up-tempo musical theatre song. Music, Dance, and Script Readings may also be taught during the audition process. 

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Junior Theatre Intensive: Madagascar Jr

Recommended for ages 12 and up. Drop off your child as early as 9:00a and pick up your child as late as 5:00p each day.

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iRascals Pop Summer Camp

Recommended for ages 8 – 13 years. The perfect camp for both new AND experienced performers, where they will build skills in singing, dancing, and storytelling.  The weekends with performances on the Anne Morton Stage. 

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iRascals Broadway Summer Camp

Recommended for ages 8 – 13 years. The perfect camp for both new AND experienced performers, where they will build skills in singing, dancing, and storytelling.  The weekends with performances on the Anne Morton Stage.

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Beginning Stages Summer Camps

Recommended for ages 5 – 7 years. A great way for budding performers to get involved with the performing arts!  Skills taught will include acting, singing, dancing, and arts and crafts.  Each week is based on a different theme with a sharing for the family and friends at week’s end.  Students may pick one or more weeks of fun!

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Summer Teen Intensive – Once On This Island

Recommended for ages 13 and up. Auditions Required.  Our Summer Teen Intensive offering goes to the next level as we offer the Award winning play Once on this Island by Stephen Flaherty and Lynn Ahrens.

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Saint Edward’s School Summer Camp

Saint Edward’s Summer Camp welcomes children from the community and beyond. There are a wide variety of camps on the river, on the fields and in the classroom. There is something for everyone!

Saint Edward’s Summer Water Camp

SES Water Camp, located on the beautiful Indian River Lagoon, offers a unique summer
experience! Morning activities can include: sailing, water-skiing, knee boarding, wake
boarding, tube rides, jet-ski rides, kayaking, paddle boarding and more. In the afternoon,
enjoy sports, games, arts-n-crafts, swimming and other group activities.

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Maintaining Excellence Summer Camp

This class offers an exciting way to help your child prepare for the next school year by using a
creative, structured, and effective way to learn while having fun. The three main areas which
we will focus on during this class are reading, writing, and Singapore Math. The goal is to
organize assignments for the summer while keeping students motivated by charting their
accomplishments. Students will look forward to returning in the fall and earning many “treasures”!

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Algebra Summer Camp

This camp will cover the assigned summer work for Algebra I Honors at SES. Topics will
include variables, grouping symbols, basic equations and problem-solving. You will learn to
translate words into equations, and how to develop a problem-solving plan. We will also work
extensively with the commutative, associative and distributive properties, as well as properties of closure, identity, and equality.

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Gone Fishing Summer Camp

Learn to fish like a master. Each day, students will learn from a master as they board a
boat and travel the lagoon in search of the perfect catch. This fun and educational camp
will be the highlight of the day for every junior fisherman or fisherwoman. Some fishing
poles will be available, but students are welcome to bring their own. Bait will be provided
daily. Please bring water and put on plenty of sunscreen. Swimsuits and wet shoes are
recommended because participants may get wet.

More Details

Tinkering with Technology Summer Camp

Students will be challenged to make an interactive game using technology.
Tinkering is viewed as an effective means to engage students in exploring STEM
(Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) concepts. During this class,
we will explore Little Bits, Makey Makey and Programming.

More Details

Transition to Middle School Summer Camp

This program is designed to help Saint Edward’s School students (rising grades 6-8)
with the transition into middle school life. Areas of focus include middle school skills in
reading, note-taking, test-taking strategies, organization, and study strategies that best fit
individual learning styles. The program will also cover the computer and tech skills
needed to manage in a digital classroom. In addition, students will work on logistical
concerns such as building layout, how to navigate transitions between classes, and
using lockers.

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Phabulous Photos with Your iPhone Summer Camp

Your iPhone is with you all the time, and photo ops are everywhere. Tired of average photos of
your friends and poorly lit pictures of scenery? Kick it up a few notches with the use of iPhone
tips and photography techniques. Have fun while using photo editing apps to improve the quality of your pictures. First tip: don’t take photos of tech teachers, Mrs. Kutschinski and Mrs. Wachter!

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My Spanish Club Summer Camp

Each day is an adventure in this action based program. The children will build a
substantial vocabulary through activities such as: arts and crafts, yoga, scavenger
hunts, plays, games and more, all in Spanish. There will also be a Fiesta day
during the week.

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Handwriting Without Tears Summer Camp

Handwriting Without Tears provides a multi-sensory approach to learning. Your child
will learn how to write letters with correct formation and have fun at the same time!
Students will also be exposed to manipulative play that strengthens the fine motor skills
needed for writing.

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Phonics and Fun Summer Camp

This exciting camp will provide 4 and 5-year-olds with an opportunity to learn about phonics
through games, crafts, and computers. It is a multi-sensory program of visual, kinesthetic
and auditory activities that will be enjoyed throughout the week.

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How Does Your Garden Grow Summer Camp

This summer program will teach children about the way things grow in a “down to
earth” approach. Learn about plants by planting sunflowers, dissecting seeds,
making leaf rubbings and creating plant and vegetable prints. We will also talk about
bees, a flower’s favorite pollinator, and investigate the world of worms. Come have
fun and play in the dirt too!

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Chess Summer Camp

Learn the fundamentals of chess and have fun while engaging at all levels of
play. By signing up for this camp you will be taught the game of chess by a Chess
Master. Milos Bajsanski has coached eight U.S. chess champions and more
than 20 state chess champions.

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Girls Lacrosse Summer Camp

This camp will emphasize positional play, team concepts and gameplay. Every aspect
of the game will be covered from footwork, passing, stick handling, shooting, dodging, face-offs, speed/agility/strength conditioning, and of course GAMES!

More Details

Lil’ Picassos Art Summer Camp

This class will be taught by local artist Teri Barrett of Artworks by Teri. Students will
spend time creating their own masterpieces. Join Ms. Teri for fun, painting and creating
right here at Saint Edward’s School.

More Details

Tinkering with Sewing Summer Camp

During this class, we will make sewn circuits and fuse plastic. We will turn old plastic bags
into beautiful new fabrics that can be used to make a variety of fashionable and functional
items. You’ll develop your sewing skills as you use a needle and thread to stitch your
design into a wallet, bag, or purse. Girls will design their own wearable light-up circuits
with a battery, conductive thread, conductive tape, an LED light, and material.

More Details

Science Expedition Summer Camp

This camp will explore the campus and Middle School science lab each day.
Expedition topics may include: animal science (meet animals in the science class
and identify those found on campus), geology/fossils (first learn how fossils form,
see a wide variety of fossil samples, and dig for your own fossils to take home), habitats
and observation skills (learn about how the habitats on campus vary and sharpen your
ability to observe things around you), water chemistry/oceanography, and more. During
the second half of the morning, students will utilize technology to create a variety of
different projects building upon the knowledge gained from the morning’s expedition. Other possible projects include creating videos, Kahoot trivia games, journal
entries, and interactive multimedia posters.

More Details

Middle School Science Fair Summer Camp

This is a great opportunity to get an early start on science fair. It is ideal for new
students entering 6th, 7th and 8th grade. In this class you will work on finding the topic
that will be perfect for scientific research to find the information you will need to create a
hypothesis. You will also put together a preliminary plan for how you will conduct your

More Details

Chinese Summer Camp

Chinese has become a 21st-century must-have skill as it is the language for world business and commerce. If you can speak both Chinese and English, you can communicate with half of the world population, because more than 1.3 billion people speak Chinese. Your child will develop basic skills in Chinese listening and speaking through multimodality means such as physical movement, games, songs, dances, music, cooking, and brush writing. Students will acquire some basic Chinese literacy skills in a fun, relaxing and meaningful way. Learning Chinese is really fun!

More Details

Life for Youth 

Each week the five, six, and seven-year-old campers are preassigned their activities. They will be with the same counselors all day and will be led to their activities as a group. Campers eight and up will choose an activity track. Activity tracks include a variety of the activities listed below and the campers will be guided by their Track Leader to all activities. Groups will be as follows: All eight & nine-year-olds together, all ten & eleven-year-olds together, all twelve & thirteen-year-olds together, and all fourteen & up will be placed together. (Age is as of September 1, 2018.) Camper safety is of great importance when planning and implementing all activities.

More Details


Boys and Girls Club Summer Program

While also rotating through our quality programming, the children attend exciting field trips to area attractions and enjoy games and activities with their friends and caring staff.

More Details


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Stacy Cook

Nice list!

Daniel Andonian

How do I get a camp posted on here? I direct the Sunner Camp at the Jungle Club???

Stacy Cook

Looks like we got this handled for you. Thanks!

Shelly Satran

I too would like to add a summer camp, but cannot find the right place to submit. Let me know what I need to do!

Stacy Cook

Please email

Renee Langlois
Renee Langlois

Adrenaline Martial Arts & Fitness needs to add their info to your list. We have a camp running all summer from 7:30 am to 5:30 pm


How much is the wacky water camp and when I click on map it tells me its not n vero? Just curious. I’m guessing there is no age limits on that one because I have a 4 year old.

Andrea Baena
Andrea Baena

It’s at Community Preschool which is in Vero.


Hello. I’m looking for the week of July 9 for my 4 yo daughter?? HELP

Pat passieux
Pat passieux

Need to find camp for 9 year old

Pr. Jon Robbins

Survivor Camp is a unique Christian camping experience offered through St. Paul’s Church. June 18-22, 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Based on the TV show Survivor. Kids age 9-13 participate in team-building skills and challenges outdoors. Takes place at the Prestige Hotel near South Beach in Vero. Campers will learn Bible verses and how to apply these to their daily lives. Safety is #1 priority. Registration form available online at $160 total cost for the week. There are only a few spots available. Sign up asap. Call the church office for further details 772-231-3552.