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Another real estate Broker Associate who lands on our list of cool people in Vero Beach is Beth Livers, who has lived in the area since 1995. She represents the Sand & Land Team of Berkshire Hathaway and specializes in island communities, riverfront and oceanfront properties, and golf club communities. Sand & Land Team is recognized for being in the Top 20 in Indian River County Sales for over seven years. 

A native Floridian, Livers grew up in south Florida (Tequesta/Jupiter area) and notes the difference between Vero Beach and further south as being a calmer-paced lifestyle. She states that the way things are in our beautiful beach community is how things used to be in the Tequesta area, before everything just exploded with businesses, neighborhoods, and people, in general.  While she still visits South Florida from time to time, she always feels refreshed when she gets back home to Vero.   

“My home truly is my serenity,” Beth expressed. “As soon as I pull in and close the garage, it’s immediate – I’m in my own space, away from the rest of the world.” Like most, Livers also enjoys the outdoors and beach life here, which is remarkably calmer than beaches elsewhere. 

While she stays busy – incredibly busy – in her career, she makes time to give back to the community and to find opportunities to help individuals and families who are less fortunate. She makes it a priority to acknowledge the level of poverty within the county and does her part in guiding others to help better themselves and get into a lifestyle that will open more doors down the road. She is actively involved with the Gifford Youth Center and Crossover Missions. 

In real estate, when Beth gets calls from folks from out of state or out of the area looking to relocate to Vero Beach, she makes a point to ask if they’ve ever been to Vero Beach before. 

“I’ll let them know that if they’re wanting to be close to a Saks 5th Avenue or other stores like that, they won’t find that here,” she explained. “I’ll tell them they probably will want to be further south if that’s the kind of surroundings they’re desiring.”

“The pace of life here is so much more relaxed,” Beth remarked. “This is a great place to call home, but it’s not for everyone.” Though Livers has always done real estate, she states she would likely work for the Chamber of Commerce if real estate wasn’t her expertise. 

Like most all who were asked about their self-reflection level of “cool,”  Beth chuckled at the thought. “I’m my grandkids’ coolest Mimi, I will say that,” she shared.  Her two grandchildren live in Alabama with her son, who is a veterinarian. 

Beth can be reached at the Sand & Land Real Estate team through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram, through their website at or by phone 772.559.6958.

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