5 Perfect Wedding Themes For The Summer

Summertime is a popular time to tie the knot. There are thousands of wedding themes to choose from, but these are the most fitting for a summer wedding!

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Tropical theme seems like an obvious option, but there are so many ways to play with it! You can make your wedding feel like a vacation with this theme. Colors like peach, canary yellow, tangerine, and leafy green can give a tropical feel and brighten up your wedding.


A garden theme gives your wedding an enchanted feel while still being fun and elegant. Earthy tones give off a natural look and paired with a lot of flowers and greenery makes for the perfect garden wedding.




Rustic weddings have become more popular over the last couple of years, but theres so many creative ways to make this them your own that it isn’t going out of style for a while! Incorporate natural wood and some burlap, as well as colors like forest green and blush, into your wedding decor and it will instantly feel like a rustic dream. 


Vintage is the perfect theme for someone wanting a more elegant and sophisticated wedding. A modern-day spin on 20’s decor, this theme ties in classy colors like gold and silver to create a gorgeous vintage wedding.


Boho themed weddings are also very popular, but there are thousands of ways to style your wedding and still give it a boho feel! Boho themes give more freedom to the use of more lively colors like cranberry, violet, sky blue, and butterscotch. Boho weddings feel free-spirited and creative so many decorations are DIY and can give your wedding a personal touch.

Isabella Patrick

Isabella Patrick

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