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Vero Beach Dog Park

Vero Beach Dog Park
Vero Beach Dog Park

3449 Indian River Dr E Vero Beach, Florida

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1. Dog owners/custodians are responsible to for cleaning up their dog’s waste. The Park provides dispensers with plastic bags. Place waste in designated bins within the Park.
Please keep Vero Beach Dog Park clean. SCOOP YOUR POOP.
2. All male dogs must be neutered by age one year. No female dogs allowed in Park while in heat.
Unneutered dogs can become aggressive causing unpredictable behavior. Female dogs in heat can cause aggression in male dogs.
3. For their safety, dogs under 4 months old are not permitted. 
Puppies under 4 month do not have all their shots. They are at risk for disease and put other dogs at risk.
4. Dogs must be leashed during entry and exit from the designated play areas.
A leash ensures control by the dog owner. A leash is a useful tool should aggressive behavior occur.
5. Digging is not permitted. Dog handlers are responsible to restore any holes created by their pet.
Holes will result in a safety hazard for other park attendees if not filled in immediately.
6. No smoking inside the park. No glass, alcohol, dog treats or people food allowed.
Cigarette butts diminish the beauty of our park and could be eaten by dogs. Broken glass, not properly picked up, creates an unsafe environment. Food can cause unwanted aggression from other dogs. 
7. Any dogs that show signs of aggression are to be immediately removed from the Park
Removal defuses the situation insuring the safety of others and their pets. 
8. All dogs must display their current rabies and applicable license tags on their collar.
Rabies tags are a proof of vaccination, while license tags show compliance with state and local laws.
9. Dog owners must remain in the park and always keep their dog in view, especially in “off-leash” areas. No dog may be unattended.
Unattended dogs are more likely to get into trouble and stay in trouble than dogs that are being watched.
10. Large active dogs over 30 lbs. are prohibited from the Small Dog Area. This is to ensure the safety of the smaller dogs.
11. No dog toys inside the park.
Dogs may claim toys that don’t belong to them which could lead to aggressive behavior.
12. Profanity is prohibited at the Park.
Please treat others with respect.
13. All fixtures left unattended in the Park will be removed and disposed of. This is a safety and liability issue for the Park.
14. All incidents should be reported by filling out an Incident Report available on-line or located on the back of the Dog Park Rules sign. Submission instructions are provided on the form.
15. Park users and dog owners assume all risk related to use of the dog park. 

The use of Vero Beach Dog Park is a privilege and not a right. Please respect others using the area. Anyone in violation of these rules will be subject to removal from the park and/ or suspended from future use of the park.

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