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Elena Jacinto, Massage Therapy, Health Education & Wellness Coaching

Elena Jacinto, Massage Therapy, Health Education & Wellness Coaching
Elena Jacinto, Massage Therapy, Health Education & Wellness Coaching

5070 A1A Suite B Vero Beach, FL 32963

Elena Jacinto, Massage Therapy, Health Education & Wellness Coaching

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Finding the RIGHT massage therapist for YOU, is not always easy! There are many factors to look for, however, probably the most significant one is RAPPORT and the ability to communicate EASILY with your therapist. A therapist that encourages communication before, during and after each session is vital. During a session, a good therapist must respect the client's desire to be quiet or to converse. During therapeutic work there is a time for both. It is always up to the client to decide their level of communication during a session. . A gifted therapist allows the client to dictate the level of communication during each session. Communication with your therapist between sessions is encouraged by a competent and caring therapist. Providing feedback, discoveries and insights with your therapist in between your sessions allows your therapist to assess how the client is responding to the work. Occasionally, adjustments need to be made for continued care, so that optimal therapeutic results can occur. When a trusting and respectful professional relationship is achieved with a therapist, that is when the most benefits can be achieved.


Elena Jacinto has an extensive background in the area of health and wellness. She began working as a physical therapy aide in a privately owned rehabilitative physical therapy office in 1985. It was there, where Elena learned the deep value that comes from being a healthcare provider. Educating, assisting and encouraging individuals to reach their optimal level of health is something that Elena finds, challenging, exciting and rewarding!


Over the years she has obtained a New York (1988) and Florida (2012) state license in massage therapy, a national certification as a health education specialist (2008), a masters certification in Karuna Ki Reiki (1998), a master trainer certification in hypnosis (1998), and neurolinguistic programming (NLP) 1998, a certification in mediation from The Center for Mediation and Training in NYC (2009), a Bachelors degree in Health Education from Long Island University (2004), a Masters of Arts Degree in Health Education from Adelphi University(2006), a Masters of Science Degree in Human Sexuality Education and completed doctoral coursework for her Ph. D. in Human Sexuality Education at Widener University (2009). She graduated Magnum Cum Laude with each of her college level degrees. She recently completed training as a Health Coach with Wellcoaches School of Coaching (2014)





Elena has owned and operated her own business for over 28 years where she worked with all aged individuals and couples to enhance their personal level of health and fitness through numerous massage techniques... (deep tissue, sports massage, medical rehabilitation massage, trigger point therapy, myofascial massage, lymphatic drainage, cranial sacral work, on site massage, Amma Therapy, Swedish and European Massage, Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, Infant Massage, Prenatal Massage, Geriatric massage, Reflexology) exercise, stretching, various relaxation techniques, aromatherapy, light and sound therapy, floatation therapy (REST), pranic breathiong, guided visualization, rational emotive therapy techniques, transformative education techniques, intimacy coaching, meditation, hypnosis, neurolinguistic programming and spiritual awareness and laughter. With knowledge, skills and guidance from a caring health and wellness team, she believes that health is something that can be managed, manipulated and maintained through a variety of practices.


Her education consists of both traditional health practices and alternative health practices. Elena has a comprehensive understanding that human beings are complex and ever changing; much like life. Therefore, she believes that every individual has their own specific "life map". This "life map" is a representation of the individual's, personal experiences, desires, goals, dreams, fantasies (past, present and future) and personal values. These experiences and values are shaped by; society, culture, race, politics, media, education, religion, family, biological sex, physiology, gender identity, sexual history, sexual orientation, sexual expression, gender expression, physical, psychological and spiritual development.


Elena received her massage therapy education in New York State, currently one of two states in the U.S. that require at least 1000 hours of massage therapy education. Her training was extensive and in depth in the areas of Eastern and Western Anatomy and Physiology, First Aid and Safety, Wellness, Myology, Neurology and Pathology. It is from that training and years of experience in rehabilitative physical therapy that allows her to quickly identify the presence or lack of physical health that exists for each client. Her additional formal education in health and human sexuality education also allow her to identify many other aspects of bio-psycho-socio-cultural-sexual health. Elena believes that Human Beings are far from simple and treatment approaches must be varied to match the experiences and needs of the individual.


At Elite Physiques, Elena offers private sessions for all forms of massage therapy, hypnosis, neurolinguistics programming, health coaching and guided visualization. Elena believes that of health is constantly shifting and transitioning from day to day. Health is not static. Therefore, all of her services are customized to meet your particular needs on any particular day. Her treatments are available by appointment only. Feel free to contact her directly by calling 321-800-8728 or calling or text 516-987-9002

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